• Change shampoo stop using acid on your hair.
  • I had frizz hair till I figured out how to manage it. Naturally curly. Everyones hair is different..When I had dandruff I had to quit blowdrying it while I used a certain shampoo that was right for me. After I wash it I use Products to reduce the frizz. such as Friz ease. If I wanted to straighten it and my hair not be frizzy I had to spray hairspray on it before using my iron. You just have to figure out through trial and error what is best for your hair.
  • Try washing your hair with the coldest water you can stand & try an ultra mild shampoo and see if it helps. Washing your hair in hot water is not good for your hair. It actually helps trap residue & contaminants in the hair & makes for bad hair days. Also don't use too hot of a setting on your blow dryer. Warm only !!
  • Loreal Elvive have a shampoo and conditioner especially for rebellious hair, which I find excellent. There are other products such as hair serum (Frizz ease is a good one), leave in conditioners, hot oil treatments. Just have a look round the shops and treat yourself to some stuff. They can be expensive but they'll be worth it.
  • First of all, you want a very low lathering shampoo like Nexxus Humectant Therapy shampoo. If you have long hair, try only shampooing the scalp. The rest of your hair gets clean enough by the water and shampoo running through it while rinsing. Ive used this shampoo and washing technique for 10 years now. My hair used to look as dry as a horses tail but it's now very long, shiny, and healthy. Avoid using mousse or gels, as they overdry the hair. Try a great leave in conditioner (in addition to your regular conditioner) like Infusium 23... love it, love it, love it! For the final finishing touches, you need a great hair serum. I honestly dont know the name of mine off the top of my head but there are many out there. You can use it on wet or dry hair, but I personally find it best to use it on dry hair then blowing it dry. Hope this helps!
  • Use a dandruff shampoo then rub coconut oil on your hands and put it on the ends of your hair to tame the frizz, then massage your scalp. (Coconut oil is antibiotic) Then brush your hair.

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