• I think helium balloons with 'Happy Birthday' or eating at his favorite place. Place a little balloon at his graveside
  • I'd go out for dinner and either have a picture of him on the table or an extra place set for him. The best thing you could do is remember the good times and be sure to let him know you still love him.
  • Oh Abberz I am soooo sorry! You should do something that you know would have made him happy, like something your family used to do together. Then he will know you still love him and be smiling down on ya!
  • - Make a scrapbook for him... photos, things from his life, music he liked, etc. - Write him a poem or a letter and post it on the inside of his bedroom door (if his bedroom still exists, of course!) - Go out walking, pick some flowers for him, and put them in a vase next to his photo. It's good to come up with creative ways to commemorate those we loved who have died... helps us to heal and appreciate those who are still with us.
  • we planted a tree for my father, when i see it growing its like hes still here.
  • Do something that you know he would have loved to do. Catch up with his friends - celebrate his 16th even if he's not here to celebrate it. Donate to a charity that he'd have supported and do so in his name. Have a meal that he would've loved to eat. Write him a letter - even if he's not around to read it, it's still a way to feel closer to him. If you fought with him alot, pick a fight with a sibling just for the hell of it and in your brother's memory. (okay, so not the brightest suggestion). I think that just by thinking of him, he'll feel it no matter where he is or whether he's still there in spirit. If religious, try lighting a candle for him. Perhaps get some presents together and take them to a kids charity / welfare organisation and donate the presents to a kid having a birthday - there'll always be one. And I'm so sorry about the loss of your brother. Meg
  • On the day of my Grandmother's death, all her children and some grandchildren go to the restaurant that used to be her favourite one. They used to go there on her birthday when she was still alive, and now they use this family gathering to remember her, share nice memories and just think of her. Also, some of her grand children write her name and a kind thought onbto a helium balloon and let it go up,
  • Watch a movie that he loved, or one that reminds you of him, with your friends and family. Listen to some music that reminds you of him. Go somewhere to eat that he loved- take your mutual friends and family and have a toast to him. Anything you do to remember him will be great- our loved ones stay alive forever in our memories.
  • Write a letter or poem to him. Buy some "Happy Birthday" balloons, tie the letter to them, and let them go.
  • First, I want to offer you sympathy and empathy. I hope the day went OK for you. After my little brother died, my family and I would get together occasionally and tell stories about him and we would write them down in a notebook. After time, memories faded but we still have the notebook full of stories that were written when our memories were fresh and the details were clearer.
  • The year after my little cousin died we planted a tree in one of his favorite spots. Every year on his birthday we have a picnic there. We sit under the tree and talk about him. It seems to help our hearts.
  • Play his favorite song... Lift a glass of Coke or whatever you can drink legally & give him a toast... I do that for my many Marine brothers lost to war on Vets Day!
  • The plant a tree idea is lovely. The idea of watching it grow year after year...and gathering around it and eventually under it is beautiful. Whoever is the next family member of mine to die will get a tree!
  • I would call up a few of his best friends, get together have a cook out. Talk about the good stuff in you brothers life, laugh,talk,enjoy the memories of the time you all had with him. Life is not made up of days or weeks or months and years it's made up of memories that you hold in your heart 4-ever. I recently lost someone in my family too, It's so hard to understand the grief someone feels unless you've been there. Some days I feel I just want to stop breathing and not have this deep pain in the middle of my stomach, or stop choking on this apple that is stuck in my throat. I want to stop crying in the middle of stores. I want to talk to him and for him to talk back. Just one more time.............. Please
  • Everyday can be a "celebration" of the life he lived and those he touched. Our loved ones live on in our hearts.
  • Give to a charity in his name. That's what I do for my sister.
  • Being able to talk to him is important, for you and your family and his friends. My nephew was murdered on Mother's Day 2005, after several months my Sister created a myspace page in his name and gave it to everyone he knew. Not a day goes by that someone does not post something in there for him, a song, a poem or someone saying Hey Mikey, I love you and I miss you. Today is Mikeys birthday, he would have been 22. So I will now go and leave him a comment on his myspace page, if you want to look and get an idea of what to do like Lisa did, she did the page up in all his favorite stuff. Look up "Mikey" Calvert City Kentucky. Take care my friend, lilbear
  • I'm sorry for your loss. My brother died 3 years ago at age 20. I sometimes write him a letter, or do something he used to like doing.
  • Remember your best times together, tell someone about something he did that you admire, ask others for stories about him. Those that have passed on still live when we remember them.

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