• The issue isn't addressed in the Constitution, so it's not a "right."
  • I do agree. One purpose of a Constitution is to protect the rights of minorities.
  • I absolutely agree with that.
  • I agree! Very well said!
  • I agree. The founders were very clear on this and spoke more than once about the tyranny of the majority.Wait until those folks are no longer a majority to hear them howl! A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine. -Thomas Jefferson
  • agreed
  • Agree. Tyranny of the majority is an issue.
  • No....and I support Gay marriage. I dislike the term restricted freedoms - but in fact we all have restricted freedoms. Say my religion was Thuggee, , and I think the only way I can honor my faith is to kill people and take their goods - obviously this "freedom of worship" would have to be restricted wouldn't it? The Majority must rule in most things if not all of them, if that doesn't happen we loose the rule of law and our civilization would fall into chaos.
  • Wholeheartedly.
  • i find the idea that civil rights can be put to a vote abominable
  • Then I want the freedom to hire and fire based on race and religion! I also want the freedom to have sex in public. I also want the freedom to have 3 wives. See where this is going? Probably not, but restrictions on what you would call 'freedoms' are what separate us from anarchy. It's the majority that decides what is a 'freedom' and what is a 'baseless want'.
  • The US is controled by a minority. They are called polititions. You just have to get the right polititions in office. Unfortunately this require alot of money, which the average person does not have.
  • I agree, and that is precisely the point. Gays are a minority. They need protection by the law, not a referendum. A lot of rights, such as the right of blacks to vote would not pass if by referendum, because they were a minority. Even after the law granted blacks the right to vote the white majority was not accepting and would go to length to prevent them from voting. Now folks do not get upset! I am not saying being black is like being gay. I am saying minorities need to be protected by the constitution and the law, not majority vote.
  • I agree. When do we get to vote on whether or not heterosexuals can marry?
  • I agree 100%. The majority should not have the power to dictate the rights and freedoms of a minority group. A person`s rights and freedoms, when those rights and freedoms cause no harm or disadvantage to others, should never be dependent on a vote.
  • I totally agree. We just had one here in WA state that was voted on yesterday. It looks like it is passing, which will allow same sex couples the same rights as married couples. I am so glad.
  • I agree totally.
  • Duh? : )
  • The default position of America has been that gays may not marry. If you don't put it up to a referendum how WILL they gain the right to marry? . Our other options include legal rulings which will require years of court cases, and an amendment to one or more constitutions.
  • I do. I don't see what business it is of anyone's whom I chose to marry so long as my partner(s) is(are) consenting and above the age of consent. +5
  • The hole issue is a pain in the ass. If the christian numbnut bigot ministers practiced what they SHOULD be preaching, it'd never become an issue. According to the no gay marriage people, if I marry a woman, sodomize and beat her and humiliate her, that's good for society. But if I marry a man and love and respect him, why whole cities will fall within days. Now does that make a god damned bit of sense to you?

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