• Im sure it had less preservatives and other Chemicals. Who's to say until they find out it causes Swine Flu. LOL
  • i wouldnt say so - less regulation, less choice blah blah blah
  • I can see no difference. I still weigh the same and i am still healthy.
  • Yes, I do think they were. There weren't so many additives and chemicals and the soil wasn't as depleted as it is now. When they have tested things like veggies and fruits and some grains, they are finding them with lots less nutrients than before, one of the reasons that manufactures put them in processed foods.
  • Yes. less processed food, less messed about with food. much less additives, less chemocals, more taste as commercial needs call for heavy uniform cropping. Flavour is less important.+5
  • 2nd Answer: Probably, because less of it came from Mexico.
  • Yes. When I was a kid, there was very little processed food available. You could get cereal and Rice-a-roni and Hamburger Helper. But the bulk of what you bought when you went to the store was simple, unprocessed foods. In fact, we still had a local butcher that bought animals from local farmers. We still had egg delivery from a local farmer. We still had milk delivery from a local dairy. We got our eggs still warm and the milk was probably one day old when we got it.
  • If you buy organic you will get food that is just as nutritious. Organic farming practices don't kill everything and sterilize the soil. It's the industrialized, genetically modified, pesticide and chemical laden crap that is nutritionally compromised.
  • I believe I saw a study regarding this not to long ago that proved that the nutritional value has dropped. Soil chemistry has changed on most food producing land and that was the reason for the change
  • i wudnt kno, wasnt born then but i hear that it was more nutritional and less artificial n all that.
  • yes if it was fresh, if it was canned, maybe not
  • Yes. Fifty years ago even better. Post war everything was home grown, most was local and there weren't so many sugary things about, nor preservatives and colouring. Forty years ago tinned peas were already a kind of nuclear green because after the lean years, producers were 'feeding the eye', making food artificially colourful to make it more attractive.
  • no, actually i think they are more nutritional now, people just eat the wrong kinds of food now a days.
  • Crops today are grown to be as big and plentiful as possible, and some of the nutritional value has been lost in the exchange.
  • yes food eaten 40 years ago was more nutritional than now ,beause they were not using much chemical and people used to grow crops in different area of the earth ,but now growing crops is repeated in the same area and the nutritional is lost under this process of growing food.
  • Sure, there was less additives and processing. Except for Spam and Smash...
  • Okay CT - I sent you a friend request and noticed all the Ying Yang stuff on your page. Ironically, I just dealt with a guy who could barely speak english - probably fleunt in Cantonese. I don't know why, but I got real loud - as if he had a hearing issue. Go figure...
  • more nutritional no not really, less bug spray on it, Less growth hormone's yes most definitely.
  • Yes. I remember my parent's garden products, no pesticides, no fertilizer. Just plain organic and non processed. Even the food you bought in the store was much more pure. You took it home and actually mixed up your dishes and added the salt, etc. for flavor. Now, there is so much salt and artificial ingredients in all this processed food that I can't eat most of it because I'm on a low salt diet. Nutritional, no just artificial stuff to make it taste better.
  • Yes I believe so, people seemed to grow more then, allocate a proportion of their garden to fruit and veg. Less additives then too and homemade wholesome food. Very few would make a chicken soup from the carcass as they did then and the chicken would have been more nutrious, not tampered with as it is now with chemicals. I think a lot of illnesses now are probably derived from the chemicals put in our food and our sensitivity to them +5

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