• Yeah, he just happened to be President of the United States when the Berlin wall came down. Hindsight has shown that Reagan's actions were contradictory. In those circumstances where a rigid ideological approach would have debased American interests, Reagan showed pragmatic beliefs. However, when he started confronting the weakening Soviet states, he performed as an ideologue and because of that, his anticommunism rap could finally be aired without risk to national security. Despite what his adherents believe about him, Reagan had no consistent ideological forethought to ending the Cold War. Good question. +5
  • He gets far too much credit.
  • No he doesn't. The liberal media has always underrated Reagan.
  • He had little to do with ending the cold war.
  • No, but he will in time.
  • Yes he does for what little impact he had on ending the cold war, what ended the cold war was nothing more or less than the Soviet Union was bankrupt... really its that simple
  • He gets a lot of credit from the SCLM for ending it, and it is about 5,000 times more than he deserves.
  • I'm not sure the Cold War has ended.
  • Someone once said "Reagan taking credit for ending the Cold War is like the rooster taking credit for the dawn". The CIA knew by the late 1960s that the Soviet Union would eventually collapse. All the Neo-Con/Military-Industrial Complex spending did since then is ensure that the United States went bankrupt second. . . .
  • This is what I remember about Ron Governor of California he personally cut education off at the knees. That is his legacy for me. Anti-education, anti-intellect, anti-growth, anti-progress. Happy Tuesday keithold! :)
  • From my understanding of history, he gets far more credit than he deserves.
  • So if his spending like a Credit Card Republican solved the "cold war" then why did so many Republicans not stop spending like a bunch of drunken democrats?
  • It was an event that would have come with or with out him. The governments of the world were heading towards globalization along time ago.By hiring an actor the US showed the world that they can get masses of people to buy into pretty much anything.
  • He also did a lot to feed into it as well.
  • no the global economy !
  • Reagan was a great chief executive,leader,we sure could use a him again.
  • A better question would be, "Does he deserve the credit he gets?"
  • The Soviet Union may very well have collapsed on it's own. They were in trouble economically before Reagan was ever elected. I do, however, think the arms race that Reagan engaged them in helped speed up their demise. Reagan may have put the final nail in the coffin, but he certainly didn't build that coffin. History has given him more than enough credit.
  • I thank him,but now I'm unsure of what is going to happen. New president,now alot of problems,idk.

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