• Don't overheat your snack, stir often and use the multi-function programming like 30 sec on high then 2 mins 30 secs on 50% to heat a small container of Spaghetti!
  • Yes. I find any food that has been heated in the microwave to be disgusting. +5
  • Well, it uses up moisture in food. Flavors don't have a chance to develop & mature (like slow or pressure cooking). Flavors aren't seared and sealed in like grilling. So yeah, I guess so. I will reheat with covered, vented lid ...sometimes I add a few drops of water so steaming can occur. Beyond that, I rely on the mocrowave for melting, softening, boiling water and dealing with frozen items when recommended by food pkger.
  • I think it does if you leave it in too long. I think the steam changes the taste and texture. I'm oop again. sorry.
  • just to heat up stuff no problem but actually cooking in microwave has not worked for me much. +5
  • I don't think it affects the taste directly, but it totally impacts the texture in a bad way. +5
  • No I do not think it affects the taste heating in a microwave. Bread and Pastry are ruined but other than that most food is okay
  • I think just about anything that is RE-heated in a microwave tastes gross, especially pizza and any kind of meat.
  • It does affect the texture somewhat. It also affects moisture content if you don't cover it properly. That said, it does all right if you do things right.
  • not that i know of

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