• We were dating for about a year and a half, and it couldn't have been better. We broke up about a month and a half ago, and i've been missing her like crazy, her friends are telling me she misses me too. But, i've been depressed ever since the breakup, i don't feel like the same person and i just want to be happy again, i love my her with all my heart and i want her back so badly. BUT, her friend told me if she ever wanted me back she wouldn't want to date me again from sympathy. About a month after our breakup i asked her if she wanted to go for coffee with me, just to hangout. She agreed to come with me, i waited all week and was SO excited to go see her, and the night before we were supposed to go she called me and said she didn't feel comfortable enough to see me yet. I'm just really confused, i've asked her other times to hangout and I haven't got a response, or she'll tell me she will hangout but will call me the day before and say we shouldn't. I'm really scared to call her and ask her to hangout, i don't want to face rejection again, although my ex girlfriends best friend told me that she'd talk on the phone if i called her, and she does want to go back out with me, she just doesn't want to date me from sympathy. I'm so rediculously confused, i really really want my girlfriend back, and if this story makes sense to any of you, please comment as to what i should do!?

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