• They will get swine flu. :3
  • Slow night for god, eh?
  • Same way god punishes other crooked people. Which means some will suffer and others will have great lives in general.
  • They'll all get stomach aches in the morning from overindulgence, and a few will have blisters where the costume rubbed a tender spot. You don't mess with primal beings.
  • Cavities?
  • All the chocolate candies will turn into they will all have perpetual diarrhea...
  • If you don't live beyond tonight, you are certain to find out.
  • he wont ! halloween , or "samhain" as it's really called has nothing to do with satan ! .remember, satan is a christian deitiy . . he is one of " your" boys .. and has nothing to do with samian ! WE don't even beleive he exists ! samhain actually is gaelic for "summers end " .. and happens when the moon reaches 15% scorpio. it's true date is usually early november . it is actually the pagan new year , and a large pagan holiday to ring in the new year , say goodbye to summer and welcome winter . early christians tried to join in on the celebrations , dressing up as dead saints .. hence the blood in costumes , all saints / souls day ,, and devils night and devil costumes .. when this did not work . a bishop actually took the copied pagan holiday and changed it to the same night as the pagans to over shadow it and discredit it ... the only devil in halloween is the one christians brought into it ! and put into it .!!! you were lied to ! as part of an ongoing christian smear campaign to discredit witchcraft , wiccans , and pagans ....... wake up and smell the clergy !!!
  • i gotta pee i might remember to come back an answer if not no worries ...
  • Make we sinners eat all that candy until we puke
  • I dont celebrate Halloween but sheesh, i wouldnt go that far :/
  • Poison their candy
  • That's terrible to say people are sinners for celebrating holloween. So in other words all kids are sinners too. That's stupid to say. Someone is a Ricky Retardo.
  • you know as a father of a few children,and when my children messes up realy bad i still love them,if they spit on me i still love them. if they disrespect me i still love them. what kind of god wants to punish his children with death,fire,eternal damnation if his children screw up?. sounds like bullshit to me.just something someone made up a long time ago to keep the law and some people figured out how to capitalize on it and spend their life free loading off a bunch of ignorant people.think about it folks,just stop and think about it. how can you not see the truth?!.
  • By fining them a $6000. fine! Oh yeah just like he did to you for being so evil with the little kidz. Happy Halloween! You big jerk.
  • um, i don't think god punishes people for celebrating holidays invented/taken over by capitalism in order to sell candy/cards/diamonds/something green unless, does your god find capitalism to be a sin? if so, really, the best day for punishing people is, valentines day. because on valentines day they have either been overly capitalistic, or they don't have a date and are punishing themselves... wow...this is a really cruel god...oh wait, it's capitalism, i already knew it was cruel
  • He wont. +5
  • Tight belts.
  • By making me believe in him.
  • He'll inflict the people with morbid obesity, crime, deprivation & the highest murder rate in the western world....... oh sorry, thats already reality.
  • With a slight chafing of the knee, and possibly a Chinese burn.
  • Something called double jeopardy: first they will be judged and condemned here by their fellow man, then again by the Almighty on judgement day.
  • Exploding penguins most likely....
  • He sneak some Ex-Lax into their Snickers.
  • God's not in the punishment business, he's into forgiveness.
  • He doesn't appear to have struck anyone down yet.....
  • That was ordained long ago with cavities.
  • What exactly is sinful about celebrating Halloween? Where does it say in the Bible "Thou shalt not go door to door asking for candy"?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Halloween is actually the witches sabbat. Are you saying 'god' has no issue with witches? So the reason he told men to burn a couple million women for a few centuries, as "witches", was basically an "oops" type thing for God? mm... Your deity sure requires a lot of excuse-making again and again.
  • Halloween was created by Christians. Sorry.
  • not sure, thats up to him

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