• No. I think when you no longer want your parents to see you naked it is because you are becoming more independent from them. That will lead to a boy friend. I think your mom has it bass ackwards.
  • Trust me, your mom and your relationship has nothing to do with a man and yourself. Maybe you can feel her staring at you. That is not comfortable. I know lots of people who have great a great love life that don't want to get nude in front of mommy.
  • I wouldn't think so. For whatever reason, you don't like to be seen naked. That's no big deal. Your feelings will definitely change when you find someone you're attracted'll get used to him seeing you in all of your glory.
  • I think all girl don't like people looking at there body. It don't mean your not going to have sex. I have only just got out of careing about what others think of my body. I remmber with my first I hid under the covers and woundn't let them see my body and I did that with everyone new.
  • No. I am completely comfortable with my body when it comes to being with a guy, but would be very uncomfortable with my mom seeing me naked (I'm 35). There is no right or wrong when it comes to your personal comfort level around being naked around different people. Your body, your right to decide who sees it and how comfortable you are with being exposed.
  • That is just weird. I would've felt very uncomfortable if my mother had said that to me when I was a teenager. A parent-(young adult)child relationship has different boundaries than a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Once you are old enough to bathe yourself, there is really no need for your mother to ever see you naked. As young people enter their teens, they become more self-conscious of their bodies and won't want to (un)dress in front of family members, but most of them still go on to have healthy sex lives.
  • Ok? that is strange.
  • No. My daughters are 14 and 19 and don't let me see them naked...I'm 44 and I don't let my mother see me naked...I am, however, comfortable letting my man see me naked....when I have one. But, if you aren't 18 or older...don't let a man see you naked, either.
  • As soon as you are independent in bathing and dressing, you naturally don't like for your parents to see you naked. Some people are just naturally shy about other people seeing them naked, even spouses and lovers, it doesn't mean anything regarding boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers and spouses.
  • Not necessarily.
  • Im completely fine with sex and dont let my parents see me naked
  • Not necessarily. She's your MOM. The guy would be your BOYFRIEND. There's a huge difference.
  • Not necessarily. I am completely comfortable being naked around my boyfriend. I don't really want my mum seeing me naked at all! I will always hide myself. It may take a while for you to build up the confidence to be naked when you do have a boyfriend, I think it does for most of us, but I would be very surprised if you didn't end up feeling comfortable.
  • Why is your mother so keen on seeing you naked? That sounds a little strange and she is certainly not respecting your boundaries. There is no correlation between not wanting your mother to see you naked and not wanting your boyfriend to see you naked.
  • no, shes wrong, she has no business seeing you naked at your age
  • That's up to you not her. I think it's important for you to learn to love your body love your mother regardless of her notions and learn to love others as well. This is your choice not her command.
  • your mom shouldnt be seeing you naked unless youre a baby and shes changing your diaper
  • That's why door lock knobs exist. 🤷‍♀️
  • If you are raised in the "textiled" world to have parents or other adults see you naked it is disturbing to you. If you are raised in a nudist atmosphere, either at home or in a nudist resort, being seen naked usually doesn't bother you. Children raised in a nudist atmosphere are generally more comfortable with their body. I have been a nudist for many years and enjoy the freedom, I have seen my stepdaughter naked many times at the nudist resort we normally go to. Being seen naked by a parent depends on how you are raised in your home. Do some good research and learn about nudist resorts, and there are many in North America, and try it on some weekend, you may find it is a great way to relax and enjoy the time. I do not recommend nudist beaches as they are not a controlled environment for safety sakes.

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