• I think more "tolerance" is the REAL "key", here!
  • Of course. Why do you think intelligent people never get into physical fights or blow anything up.
  • No. More people are educated and have access to education than at any time in history and we are as violent if not moreso than at any time in history. I don't think there is a solution. The world has been dangerous since time began and it will always be dangerous. I don't think you can change it.
  • no cause you could have a phd in something and still be a masked murder. Education just makes it easier to get a job were you make 3 thousands of dollars a week instead of hundreds
  • Not by itself - smarts can be used for good as well as evil; a little wisdom do go along with it might be a plus. +5
  • Education can make a jerk a better jerk. What the world lacks is character, dignity and godliness. +5
  • Perhaps a better education will make the world a smarter place and with this intelligence, people might give safety the priority that it deserves in their lives.
  • Well, the world is certainly more educated now than it has been in the past. So ask yourself, is it safer than it was in the past? In some senses it is, but in many respects it is not.

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