• One who takes blame.
  • I would say the best friend is the one who points out your mistake AND helps you to find out why you made the mistake, and to solve the problem.
  • depends if the pointing out is descrete then theyre both equally as good
  • One who stops you from making them in the first place.
  • The one who points out my mistakes. I want to know when I am at fault and own up to it. That is the better friend to me. They can call you out and not worry if you will be made or not. I have a few friends like that and yes sometimes I might get a little mad, but I look at the big picture and realize they are right.
  • the one who takes blame
  • The one who lets you realize your own mistakes and supports you in making any necessary changes.
  • The one that comes to you and explains to you and helps you understand is the best friend. True friend s dont Criticize you, they come beside you and help you.
  • Well, I know someone who used to take the blame for the things his brother did all the time. His brother still does not know how to behave so it hasn't really done him any favours. I think if he had taught him to take responsibility for his actions, it would have helped him a great deal more.
  • friends do not judge each other they help-blame should not enter the equation
  • I think who takes blame for your mistakes is a better friend because he really cares for you, on other side who points out your mistakes, may be feeling jealous in any other field and wants to bring your confidence down to the earth.
  • Friends help each other grow and learn, so I'd have to go for the friend who points out your mistake...anyone who takes the blame is blocking your learning process.
  • The one who points out your mistake and then helps/supports you to put it right. In some circumstances they may share the blame with you - but they should never take the entire blame and let you walk away from a problem that you caused!
  • One is willing to take a bullet for you...the other criticizes you. Taking a bullet for me is infinitely better than being critical of me. Friends watch your back...they don't attack! :)Just my opinion.
  • In the long run the one who points out my mistakes. If someone keeps covering up my mistakes, he/she might be taking care of me for now but in the long run, I'm doing nothing to prevent myself making the same mistakes.
  • The best friend is non judgmental
  • OK; NO ONE should be taking the blame for someone elses mistakes ... That is only enabling them to continue with the same mistakes ... and avoiding responsability ... We are ALL responsible for our own action and need to accept such responsability for EVERYTHING that we do or say ... I'd rather have a friend who pointed out my mistakes IF I had any .. ummm I DO and They Have ! +5
  • the one who points and corrects the mistakes:)
  • neither are your friend..pointing out mistakes is cruel and non productive(pointing the finger) and taking the blame usually means an ulterior motive..your friend is one who doesnt care you make mistakes, and, sees you thru them, when they happen.
  • People who point out your mistakes are usually doing little more than criticizing you. The one who is willing to take the blame is the one trying to cover your @ss, that's what a friend does. I kept my mouth shut and trusted that a defense attorney could clear me, over a friend. He had a child and family and really needed some time to get things squared away before he "confessed". I was found guilty and spent 11 months in prison over something he had done. New trial found me innocent of all charges and I was released.(prosecutors withheld evidence that would have cleared me) My friend did turn himself in, but he waited until I was already in prison for 10 months. I did not take the blame for what he had done, I just did not open my mouth to tell them what had really happened. Even after living through that, I still call him friend. +4
  • the one who points out your mistakes to you, and takes the blame when you need it
  • The one that accepts your mistakes without judging you.
  • Both could be ,, as if you are making bad mistakes a true friend will help you to see what you are doing may not be good for you .

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