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  • There is no official age limit, but I believe its unlikely that anyone under 18 really understands that they are in love. You will know you are in love when you have no desire for anyone else, and realize you really can't survive without them.
  • Good question Killasmile. Love in general happens at all ages with everything around us. If you like something at first, then like doing it again, regardless of its drawbacks if any, you are said to be in love with it or doing it. Now, speaking of love between a girl and a boy, man and a woman, the following is my opinion. If the person you saw or met made a good deep impression in your mind and slowly got a place in your heart, it is sure that you are in love with that person. Love at first sight can be mistaken with infatuation. However if it progresses regardless of the drawbacks that the other person may have, it is pure love!
  • U'll know it, trust me :p
  • If you have to ask, your not..
  • If they always make you happy. Always make you smile. You say you love them, and you feel you mean it. You can see yourself with them in the years to come. Then yes I think you are. +5
  • Love is all around you. You can love more than one person, you can have love in your heart for all people if you train your heart in the proper manner. Love is a feeling of respect and admiration for someone. Love comes from a love of yourself and the things you value that are reflected in someone else. That is why the saying "You have to love yourself before you can love someone else." is true. Romantic love is like regular love you have for a friend or family member but with the added element of physical desire. The physical desire without the love is known as lust.
  • it generally happens in the age of 12 to 20 and you would know that automatically that u u r in love or not.
  • Personally, I don't look at love as some stage in a relationship, as I think most do. Love is about being able to tolerate someone else completely, regardless of their faults and future mistakes. Some of us get betrayed which forces our tolerance level up to sometimes unreasonable heights. Others tolerate freely. . So to be sure you're in love would come down to whether or not you will be able to forgive your s/o for anything they do. If you can, then I would say you have found true love. And that can happen at any age. +3

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