• Dove chocolate brownie affair.
  • Vanilla is my favorite ice cream flavor, and Häagen-Dazs is the brand. I also make vanilla ice cream as well, which has such a wonderful taste.
  • Chocolate ice cream, which I make
  • I am on Weight Watchers so I need very low calorie ice cream. I like Nick's ice cream.
  • Normally: Breyer's Vanilla bean. However, I currently have Covid and - strangely - cannot taste certain foods. Ice cream and vanilla are two of them. Vanilla ice cream tastes almost like nothing right now (I DO taste a slight dairy flavor, as if butter were an ingredient). Also: parmesan tastes literally like nothing. And yet: I can taste most foods, like chicken and spaghetti sauce and even some other dairy products such as extra sharp cheddar. I guess it's the more subtle flavors that I am missing...completely. Weird.

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