• No. Now tell us... ...what did it taste like?
  • Actually both me and my husband have tried doggy treats. I have tried the Puppy pepperoni sticks and he has actually tried both cat food and dog food. LOL! It wasn't that bad believe it or not! Of course that is not on my weekly grocery list as food! LOL!
  • i haven't buy my kid did. she would get to the dogs bowl and try the dogs treats or food. never got her sick, but we had to find a new place to feed the pooch.
  • Your dog's just loved bacon? Fureal?
  • ...I can tell you most of the dry dog food tastes like nothing in particular. ._. I have no idea why I did, I guess I was just curious...>_>
  • Actually... dog and cat biscuits, fish flakes, turtle flakes & bird seeds! :(
  • Tempted yes, tried no, Tempted just because i was kinda curios to what it tasted like, haven't tried it though.
  • My sister and I tried the dogs biscuits when we were kids. It was on a dare though, not because they smelled good.
  • Back when I was a kid, I remember eating "Lollipups", little round colored dog treats, occasionally. I HAVE seen this, too, in Lethal Weapon. Riggs ate dog bisquits to quit smoking. ;-)
  • I tasted dried cat food once, it was pretty ew. The taste remains in your mouth like for hours. But yeah, I have a friend who has a dog, and both of us agree, those Beggin' Strips look pretty damn tempting.
  • Not me, but when I was a kid, I used to stay with a family that had lots of kids and very little money. The kids would often grab a handful of dog chow out of the bag as a snack! They said it was good! :D
  • I saw some dog food when I was a really small kid and it looked delicious so I ate some, and it was horrible. Besides that when I worked in a supermarket I used to eat those dog milkbone things, they actually tasted pretty good when you were hungry.
  • Good one! I almost fell for the beggin strips also!
  • You must be kiddin'
  • That's a funny question! My parents used to give the dog People Crackers and I kind of wanted to try them to see if they tasted like crackers, but never did.
  • Our dog gets the wet food Cesar as a treat & eats it w/o taking a breath. They come in flavors like "filet mignon in beefy juices". My husband asked his buddy to try it & he did w/o any coaxing @ all. He said it tasted like sandy Spam.
  • i ate a small milk bone dog biscuit once. it was a big problem coming out. a rock.
  • I tried cat food once, because it did smell good, but there's a bitter aftertaste. I also tried those beef sticks made for dogs. They aren't too bad but not as good as beef sticks made for humans. And I tried these things because I wanted to see why animals like the stuff so much.
  • I would like to try beggin strips. Sounds tasty.
  • nope but i've been tempted to eat my pets

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