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  • i dont know
  • I knew blondie44 and she was always insisting how visual we are just like men. And certainly many of us are. But I would say I am less visual than she is or perhaps wants me to be. I never saw a Playgirl nor did I ever know friends who read it. In fact I guess I always thought it was guys who read it but honestly I don't know. And for most of us - we don't need to read magazines or go to movies to see nude guys. Because they sort of come to us.
  • Uhmmmm. Who said it was NOT okay? I think you are bayoneting a straw man - if that is not a sexist pun. Movies tend - as cultural artifacts - to deal in tropes. The young boy caught looking at the girlie magazine - and getting "the talk" from his dad about the "real" way to treat women is one of those tropes. However, I can think of movies where we have had the boy crazy girl, the innocent girl who tames the bad boy, the girl who brings the shy boy out of his shell, the "slutty" girl... I could go on. Playboy may get more "play" than "Playgirl" because the former became a cultural icon in the 1960s while the latter became a sort of feminist "anything you can do we can do better" 1970s afterthought. Playgirl is less well known and has less of a cultural "aura" surrounding it. (There is not "Playgirl lifestyle" that parallels Hugh Heffner's "Playboy lifestyle." The latter being also on the wane as tastes have changed.) Playgirl also came under brutal attack by feminists in the 1980s who decried it - and porn generally - as dehuamanizing. Beyond all that, Playgirl never did nearly as well commercially as Playboy. There is a bit of science at work here. Women tend to be less visual than men. (These are tendencies, don't panic.) There is a fascinating study that was done. They showed women a picture of good looking men in the nude. Then they showed women a series of pictures of good looking men in the nude, but doing things like holding their infant son. Overwhelmingly, the women thought the men holding the babies were sexier. Context mattered to women in a way that it did not to men. (Hence why Playgirl never did all that well. Showing naked men was less arousing to women then the context in which they were naked. Compare also, sometime, porn made for men vs porn made for women. The latter almost always tend to have more of a story and a romantic plotline - and if it makes you feel better, much higher production values.) Bottom line, you are ignoring a lot of cultural and film history and are making a mountain out of a molehill. Sexist movies? Eh, not really.
    • we are dough
      Your name should be borat.......
    • dorat
      You are the soul of wit, dough. Always adding so much to the discussion. This site would be lost without your inanities.

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