• Perhaps no one has been graced with that title yet? I wouldn't even know who to vote for.
  • Not sure why it would be deleted, but if you're looking for opinion on who fits that title, Pat Benatar should definately toss her hat into the ring.
  • I've found a few questions recently that had no reason to be flagged, but were. A bug, maybe? Or someone just doesn't know what they're doing.
  • Elton John would be the queen, but these would be his handmaidens: Patti Smith Debbie Harry Stevie Nicks Janis Joplin Joan Jett Sorry your first question was deleted. That's just nonsense!
  • For me, Alanis Morissette is best rocker. She writes, she plays, she sings, she's perfect as an artist.
  • Janis Martin. +2
  • I dont know who the Queen of Rock and Roll would be I dont know why you question was deleted as nonsense since I have seen more rediculous questions on here.
  • Tina Turner is my nomination. She gives an ubelievable rock and roll show for her age. She also has the best-looking legs on the planet for a woman of 66. Best move she ever made was separating from Ike. he was a controlling person.
  • How did it get back on here? I have had a few of mine that had no nonsense whatsoever put back on after I had complained. SO it is a troll screwing with you.
  • In alphabetical order: Pat Benatar -- yummy! And she can sing, too. Janis Joplin -- she sang her heart out. Grace Slick -- a "steely-eyed stunner," someone called her, and what a singer. Tina Turner -- no comment necessary.
  • Because they have no idea whats going on or why.

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