• I don't know about the scouts, but you couldn't be a Mason you have to have some belief in a supreme being If these groups/clubs don't get any cash from the state or fed gov. they should be allowed to deny menbership to anyone for any reason
  • The Boy Scouts of America (BSA), one of the largest private youth organizations in the United States, has policies which prohibit atheists, agnostics, and "known or avowed" homosexuals from membership in its Scouting program. Homosexuals, though not atheists, can be youth members though they are forbidden from holding youth leadership positions. BSA has denied or revoked the membership of youths and adults for violating these prohibitions. These policies are considered by some to be unjust.[1][2] The BSA contends that these policies are essential in its mission to instill in young people the values of the Scout Oath and Law. The organization's legal right to have these policies has been upheld repeatedly by both state and federal courts. The Supreme Court of the United States has affirmed that as a private organization, the BSA can set its own membership standards. In recent years, the policy disputes have led to litigation over the terms under which the BSA can access governmental resources including public lands.
  • The Boy Scouts is a previously-racist, still-prejudiced organization that continues to exclude homosexuals, atheists, and even agnostics! This policy is essential - in their mind - to promote the values of Scout Oath and Law. Rrrright, because a Christian would never ever lie or defy his own moral code no matter what the situation. Smallpox blanket, anyone?
  • I joined the boy scouts when I was a kid and after a couple of weeks my aunt told me why one of my friends wasn't allowed to join. I quit.
  • dont ask, dont tell. The area BSA Leader confessed to being Gay. He got fired. But he was in for a long time before anyone even knew.
  • I was told they also exclude Buddhist. There is no supreme deity in Buddhism.
  • You can call and ask them. It is a private organization and I suppose they may exclude whomever they choose.
  • Yes, Atheists have been members. They have been evicted once their Atheism became known. Same for homosexuals and bisexuals. I wouldn't even care, except that they receive government funding.
  • Atheists are probably the group that sees the most discrimination in the U.S. You will notice that members of congress have a wide variety of religions and sexual orientations. You should also notice that there are no openly atheist members of congress. According to the Constitution, there should be no religion test for a person to be eligible for a seat in the House or Senate. In reality candidates must declare some religious affiliation to be elected. As far as I know, there is only one person in congress that is a Unitarian but does not declare himself as being an atheist. Fortunately, most Americans are so stupid that they assume Unitarians are just another Protestant denomination. Here is the link to my information: The Boy Scouts were started to insure that there is a proper crop of brainwashed citizens ready to fill positions in government and industry. I think much of what is taught in the "scouts" is desirable and interesting. I also think that they dwell too much on blatant Christian concepts, worry too much about sexual orientation and are too closely affiliated with christian churches. I also think that the military aspect is too strong for young people. I think that courtesy, honor, and community service can be encouraged without tying it to religious practice. I have been to church services on "Scout Days" when the scouts come to church in uniform. That is too close to "Hitler Youth" for my comfort. An atheist can join the scouts but he will find himself out in the street if he espouses his non-belief.
  • Unless all "atheists" are some how marked so they are known on sight I would guess that it has happened before and maybe even now much as gays have been in the milatary for years and not all Catholics are best at their faith, etc..........Not all say or or admit to all they know. +5

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