• I'm Agnostic, but I don't find it bad at all. AT WORST that's what it's gonna be after death, nothing. AT BEST it could be some new life someplace else, which is better or the same like it is on Earth.
  • No not at all.... The Christian concept of hell is a much more scary concept since it is about suffering. If I cease to exist after death, then that is it, there is no me or awareness so there is nothing to scare or harm me. It's a little sad believing that there is no afterlife, and no 'me' after life, but that's that. No point wasting energy feeling bad about how short life is.
  • Not really, if I cease to exist I'd be oblivious to my oblivion. As opposed to hell which is something else entirely.
  • My belief is that when the body and consciousness deceases we will continue to exist eternally in a zero dimensional state of superposition where time occurs in a non-elapsing state from the beginning to infinity. And in the form you become you will be able to see all the events that ever occurred, like as in a dream and of course, as well as your own lifetime.
  • No, I find the concept of hell much more terrifying. The concept of eternity, to me, is too mind boggling and likely unfair if hell were to be real. Why should I, as someone unwilling to submit to this concept of god in any form, be held in eternity of pain and suffering? Is it my fault he made himself so unbelievable to us ignorant mortals? Then why should I be punished for his mistakes, forever no less? I don't want to have to experience pain forever. . Personal beliefs are what science teaches us. I know my eyeballs will degenerate into dirt, therefore I know I will not see. My hearing will cease to be as my ears degenerate. But the parts that control all of this, the heart and brain, also degenerate, what reason would I have to believe that an exact replica of myself in an "essence-like" form will be able to experience anything I did as a human? Makes no sense to me, therefore I believe I die and do not come back. It is scary, but much less so than having to experience pain every second of every day forever.
  • The thought of an eternity of anything is terrifying. To me, non-existence is the kindest possible option.
  • Hell no ! (lol) I think being dead is exactly like before you were born. The idea of hell of being in pain forever is just"a little" more disturbing then living forever in "heaven" for me. To live forever must get very boring.
  • I don't find death terrifying even if there was a hell. Anyway i think that christians have got hell wrong. I think hell is being detached from 'God' for eternity. It's not a burning fire place that people imagine it to be. Oh, i am an athiest by the way.. lol But if there was a hell, thats what it would probably be and i don't think that would be too bad. Do you? I think the thought of nothing after this life is more scary. But we wont know when we are dead so i don't really care.
  • Those aren't the only two alternatives. Also, being 'theist' does not necessarily mean one believes in Hell. Personally, Hell would be frightening to me if I thought there was the slightest chance that this notion were true. That's not the case. "Oblivion" isn't really a problem -- I did Oblivion for 15 billion years before I was born, and I don't recall being even mildly annoyed.
  • i believe in reincarnation, but wiht no actual knowledge of who you wer ein the previous life.
  • well energy is never lost it just changes form and us as humans are forms of energy GAH christianity's hell is so stupidd a;sdfkj i've heard of these recordings you have all this high tech paranormal activity recording shit and then you can record voices of dead people and "they are accepting" is commonly said which is so fucking creepy to be honest haha but i definitely believe in "ghosts" or spirits i've had an awesome experience with one...
  • Regarding being terrified, no. Personal outlook...Before my lifetime, it was as if there was no world as far as I am concerned. At the end of my life, it will be as if the world has ended. And so it goes.
  • Oblivion is nothing. Every person born and everone that will be born have been or are currently residing in oblivion. At that point we would simply cease to exist, so there for it is impossible to be unfomfortableble. We wont see blackness for all eternity, because we will not be there. Its a interesting concept to explain, and I'll admit, this is the first time ive thought about it. Were we uncomfortable for billion of years before we were born? i dont remember so i dont realy care. I f we cant remember oblivion, do we even know what its like? how could we, as athiests there is no beleif in a higher power so there is nothing to be preserved ,and there for we come full circle: our conciousness will cease to exist.
  • I don't believe in the christian hell, but I do believe that there is "something" after death. If there were nothing we would not sense passed loved ones, mediums would be out of work, we wouldn't see things - ghosts if you like.... I don't know what it is but I am not afraid of it! I like to believe that it is something like the afterlife presented in the Robin Williams film "What Dreams May Come" ;0)
  • Great question. I'm an agnostic and I've thought about this before. I'm afraid of oblivion but I definitely prefer it to eternal torture. I think my fate and perhaps all of our fates will end in oblivion. My fondest and least likely dream (not a hope) is to live forever in excellent health with my wife. I hope that my mortal passing will be a transition to another plane of conscious or perhaps even sentient existence. I'm afraid that it won't, but I hope that my fears are wrong.
  • I came from nothing, prior to the chance meeting of sperm and egg, and will retire into nothing at the end of my life. The physical bits will get reused for various purposes and the illusion that is my consciousness will cease. What is there to be terrified of?
  • i prefer oblivion over hell or heaven for that matter. eternity of anything would suck now a couple of hundred years that doesn't sound so bad.
  • My immortality resides within my children and so on.

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