• It is the AMPS (not the volts) that knocks an attacker on his butt. Just remember this: Whatever she is carrying CAN be taken away from her, and USED ON HER, by an attacker. It would be better for you to gift her with FREE KARATE LESSONS, so her hands and feet could become "deadly weapons." The very BEST gift I ever gave my babes, was free martial arts lessons. I'll send my answer to my Sensei friend, so he can add a comment to it, if he wishes. +5
  • Here's the deal: Tasers are not a simple shock device, like a cattle prod. They are advanced electronic devices which deliver high voltage, electrical pulses of exacting frequencies and duration. These high frequency currents are conducted along the surface of tissues and do not pass deeply into the body. Also, the specific frequencies utilized, and their specific durations, were selected because the voluntary musculature of the human body is particularly susceptable to it, whereas muscle tissues like that of the heart are far less sensitive to them. They are designed this way so that the muscles which control body movement are the ones which are affected, causing the person who is tasered to lose voluntary control of these muscles amd thus be unable to perform the coordinated movements required for running, walking, standing, or fighting. The high voltages are required in order to bridge the gap between the point where the taser darts snag the clothing and the person's skin. This gap can be up to a couple inches and still be bridged. Without that high voltage, there would be no electrical continuity. It takes about 1,000 volts to bridge a 1 mm gap. Now, this 40,000 volts is NOT delivered to the body. This is a peak OPEN CIRCUIT voltage. The peak loaded voltage may be around 5,000 volts, with 1,500 volts over the duration of a pulse. And over a one second period of time, this voltage is lower than 2 volts. And these values vary depending on which taser you get. Most people get hung up over these high voltages and seem to equate them to the voltages you can get from a high voltage transformer or power station. This is simply NOT true. Remember, the Taser gets it's power from a few BATTERIES. Like AA batteries. They CANNOT deliver the continuous high voltages and power people think of when they hear that phrase. They generate extremely short PULSES of high voltages for extremely short periods of time. And when you boost the voltage up from 1.5 volt batteries to several thousands of volts, the current will DECREASE proportionately. So the amperage delivered goes WAY down. I can build a Van De Graff generator or a Tesla Coil that generates hundreds of thousands, even MILLIONS of volts of electrical potential and continuously apply it to you with NO DANGER. Why? Because the CURRENTS will be extremely low. Think of static electricity: everyone has received a static electrical shock at one time or another, most often in the dry, winter months. Look at the gaps that can be bridged in a static zap from sliding across cloth car seats...a half inch is not unusual for a static arc. That's about 12,000 volts or so. But the duration of this zap is less than a MILLIONTH of a second, much too short to be a danger to the heart. Yet the muscles in the area of the shock certainly feel and react to it. Now, back to your original question: Which is better, the 40,000 volt or the 80,000 volt model? The difference in voltages is an indication of how much of an air gap the Tazer can bridge in order to deliver it's shock to the body. Essentially, the higher voltage model can zap someone wearing thicker clothing more reliably. Both are good.

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