• Exercising.
  • Astronomy.
  • IF i had the chance again i would like to try mechanics as with being a teenager you are always likely to be into cars or motor bikes so as well as being a hobby it also will be handy to learn.and then you will be able to work on and fix your own car or bike.
  • public speaking. There are clubs were young people and adults parctice together. You would be surprised how this skill could open doors of opportunity for you and increase yer self confidence. +5
  • Astronomy, exercise, academic organizations...all great ideas. My experience was that I masturbated excessively and that's pretty much it. I later joined a club in prison that exercised, studied astronomy and studied law and debate theory. It takes all kinds.
  • Watching stars using sky map.
  • Depends greatly on what he enjoys.
  • Mechanics, archery, astronomy, hunting, fishing, building radios*.
  • Doesn't work that way. What do you like to do? What is an interest you would like to pursue or a talent you wish to develop? Are you artistically motivated? Do you like to make things? Are you good technically, meaning the computer is your thing or cars? What?
  • Any hobby. What do you like? Here are some I enjoyed: Coin collecting Chess Archery Ham radio Judo Stamp collecting Fishing Model car building Baseball card collecting Guitar playing Darts

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