• No they are titles. The Jewish people won't use the name of God because they fear it being used in vain. Thus, they often call God HaShem which means, The Name. In the scriptures, God's name which is YAHUWAH was replaced with LORD.
  • the answer already given gives great points. remember in Hebrew their are no Vowels originally (thus the little tick marks above give what way it is to sound) but GODS name that he says is. YHVH, sounded YAHAVAH, many people say it is Jehovah but their is no J in Hebrew, it is a Yod sound. being this Joshua is actually Yeshua, and Jesus name is actually Yeshua. hope that gives something to think about. if you are more concerned with the Names of GOD, their is a hard to find Bible called "the sacred names Bible" which doesn't translate the names of GOD in the translation. +3 GOD BLESS
  • No!. they are Count, King, Judge, Sir, Master, Lord, LORD, Prince. A " name" is personal to each person... (Exodus 6:3) And I used to appear to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as God Almighty, but as respects my name Jehovah I did not make myself known to them.
  • I would rather think of them as titles.
  • I have read a lot of good answers to the above question. Many realize that God did have a personal name...The only question was it pronounced. Different scholars have different ideas about how the name YHWH was originally pronounced. In The Mysterious Name of Y.H.W.H., page 74, Dr. M. Reisel said that the “vocalisation of the Tetragrammaton must originally have been YeHÅ«àH or YaHÅ«àH.” Canon D. D. Williams of Cambridge held that the “evidence indicates, nay almost proves, that Jāhwéh was not the true pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton . . . The Name itself was probably JÄ€HÔH.”- (Periodical for Old Testament Knowledge), 1936, Volume 54, page 269. In the glossary of the French Revised Segond Version, page 9, the following comment is made: “The pronunciation Yahvé used in some recent translations is based on a few ancient witnesses, but they are not conclusive. If one takes into account personal names that include the divine name, such as the Hebrew name of the prophet Elijah (Eliyahou) the pronunciation might just as well be Yaho or Yahou.” In 1749 the German Bible scholar Teller told of some different pronunciations of God’s name he had read: “Diodorus from Sicily, Macrobius, Clemens Alexandrinus, Saint Jerome and Origenes wrote Jao; the Samaritans, Epiphanius, Theodoretus, Jahe, or Jave; Ludwig Cappel reads Javoh; Drusius, Jahve; Hottinger, Jehva; Mercerus, Jehovah; Castellio, Jovah; and le Clerc, Jawoh, or Javoh.” Thus it is evident that the original pronunciation of God’s name is no longer known. Nor is it really important. If it were, then God himself would have made sure that it was preserved for us to use. The important thing is to use God’s name according to its conventional pronunciation in our own language.
  • No I would describe them as Titles.
  • Mom and Dad are titles too - but by frequent use they also become unofficial names. Parents will respond to their titles as names and thus they are as good as names.
  • Anoname said: Mom and Dad are titles too - but by frequent use they also become unofficial names. Parents will respond to their titles as names and thus they are as good as names....................................................................................................................For their children perhaps. But certainly not for everyone.
  • Depends on your religion

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