• +5 my ex husband
  • the tine, as it go,s to quickly as life slides by.
  • Male Strippers:):):)
  • Somethings about a friends past. I cant tell you because then you will wish you never knew either. lol
  • Well...I probably want to know too that may be a downfall...just wanting to know everything...
  • That my half sister saw a semi-truck speeding past her on the highway get too close too her toe truck repair man while he was getting out of his car, wolloping his head clean off his shoulders onto the hood of her broken down veihicle, where she watched in horror, as it bounced into a full rickershay off the hood of her car, into the open side window, onto her lap. Ew. I wish I never heard that. Well that should about do it, i'll be expecting some numbing tight terrors from that little trip down memory lane guaranteed...;+ burp... ugh ....... So, still attached to your head I hope? don't get out on highways at all pweeze. Better yet, just levetate everywhere and pass up driving all together. THat way I'll never looose you, or the company of your head along with it, ever ever again.

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