• sign me up as Dr House's young girlfriend. mmmm
  • In truth now, yes, I was in a movie - 2 movies actually. The sluggers wife. Is one of them. I'll give a million dollars to the first person who can spot me in that movie. I also can be seen in a mindless action Chuck Norris flick..ten million if you can find me in that one.
  • Yeah, the movie im writing now!!
  • Of course I'd love to be a star of a TV show or a movie but I'd settle to be a Dead Body on CSI.
  • Cold Case :) I would love to be Lilly Rush ha ha...or at least a character like her.
  • I would love to play the villain on Law and order or CSI.
  • Yeah, would like to replace Matt Dillion in Gunsmoke! +5
  • ... I would like to play a role that starts out as a very minor role in "Legend of the Seeker" ... perhaps an apprentice magic user who is an ex-monk with magical mental psionic disciplines as well ... but then the role grows as the character learns and progresses, becoming a vital key potential ally with both sides trying to get my assistance.
  • I loved the series "Northern Exposure". I would not want to replace any of the main characters. I just would like to be another character in that town. Did you ever have a chance to watch it? It was really great! :)
  • My own reality show, called "Judge for the Stupid". Trust do NOT wish to have your case brought to trial in MY courtroom...
  • I've been watching all my Peep Show DVDs again lately, and it would be quite good to be in it, though I don't know if anyone really wants to hear the thoughts that are in my head would probably be a Guy Ritchie or something.
  • I would love to be the camera man and be filming the weather report during a hurricane and catch the reporter getting blown away, way away, or big wave wipe him out! No, that is not what I meant to say. I would love to be your leading man in the movie making of your choice.:)

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