• I'm really sorry for you. If he is really a vegetable (ie functionally brain dead) though, you should move on.
  • it just so hard i dont know how i cant go anywhere cause they are all place we have been i think i need to move out of town
  • You have to do what you have to do. It would be different if yall were married but your not. Id say you should still be there for him as a friend. He is not going to be able to go out a find friends. If he really loves you then he will understand.
  • Awww this must be so hard. I think you should do want you need to do to get on with your life. I hope things go well xx
  • First, I am sorry to hear about your dilemma. If you don't think you can care for him, then you are right to move on. Being a caregiver requires a lot of patience, and if a person doesn't have that patience, then he/she will be frazzled and unable to provide good care. You are young, and you may come to resent him for usurping your time and youth.
  • Im sorry for your dilemma. You're in a pretty tough position. I think you need to talk with his and your family before you decide anything.
  • You will allways love just can't love him in the same way as that makes it tough on you. I'm sure you can allways be his friend and care for him...but if you are ready to 'move on' and develop a relationship with someone else and you just stay a true friend to him I'm sure it will all work out. I hope he has good carers for him...that will make it easier for you to let go of any guilt you may feel.
  • This is a tragedy, but it does not have to create more tragedy and sorrow. You don't describe exactly what you mean by 'vegetable', but if it is what is generaally meant, no one could expect you to sacrifice your life for no return on it. I personally would never expect or want a loved one to do that for me, not even a spouse. And it is not as if you were his wife. You will always love him, but there are different kinds of love. And love should never imprison anyone. Best wishes.
  • First of my deepest sympathies to you and his family. What a terrible loss. Should you be able to move on? Of course. Ask yourself what would he want for you. What would you want for him, if the tables were turned.If there is no hope for a meaningful recovery, then you should try to go forward. Easier said than done, I'm sure! As for the next guy, if he's the right one, he'll understand.
  • Maybe you could talk to your boyfriend even though he can't give a response and tell him how your feeling. This might clear your mind letting you feel good about moving on. You should be able to overcome this obstacle in your life and not let it stop you from being happy. You shouldn't feel guilty about needing to be with someone else, but since you do maybe talking to him and also seeing a therapist could help. I'm really sorry that this happened to you.
  • Any decent human being would understand you have a history with your bf and it ended only under tragic circumstances.
  • That's terrible, I feel really sorry for you. I would date secretly until he passes, people and his family will understand.
  • First and foremost, although everyone here who has responded is genuine in their responses, including me, this is far more of an issue than can be answered by people you do not know. My personal opinion is that you should move on and that anyone that makes you feel guilty for doing that is someone you do not want to know. HOWEVER, these are all just our opinions and we surely do not know you. SO, see a good counselor. At the very least, you have your own feelings to deal with....and probably far more than that. SEE A COUNSELOR, PLEASE !!!
  • I doubt that he would notice. The man you knew and loved is gone, move on and close this chapter in your life. Most likely the next guy will be okay with it.

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