• its faster easier than explorer
  • Not often. On XP Pro, Mypal and Centaury whip Firefox so bad, the SPCA starts bitching. I have detested it since Mozilla Mothership sabotaged the addons, but to be honest Firefox has been crappy a lot longer than that~
  • I do & I do.
  • Yes. Still my favorite browser. Last time I tried Chrome (which, admittedly, was about 5 years ago), it was too buggy (crashed frequently) and didn't have several features that I enjoy using in Firefox. I suspect that the reason so many people use Chrome is the same as the reason so many people use Edge. It comes bundled with the OS, or with the OS of your favorite device. That is: why make the effort to change something that works? Only those motivated to "have the best" will give Firefox a try.
  • i used to but i disliked how bookmarks/favourites were saved ..lots of messing about.
  • FF seems to be the fastest.
  • I use it when I Google something and click on the link and it goes to that black error page. it's pretty cool.
  • FF seems to have gotten faster lately.
  • FF has gotten faster.

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