• You can't you need a pokemon colosseum bonis disc(the japanese one containes Celebi)
  • after beating elite four you go to your house go by your bed push a button the run up and down the stairs 5 times then talk to your mom she will give you a letter for the profesor then the profesor will tell you to go to the space center then u talk to every body the one guy is gonna give u a ticket u grab the ticket with both hand dont drop it stick it in your bag and go take the ticket to the guy with the boats he will take u ther four a bargain he whants to see the pokemon u catch but instead once u catch deoxys u fly away to make this code work you need one flying then you talk to profesor guy he will show u jirachy then your done i no this code works becouse ive done it abouch so trust me amigos :] ;} :{ so do it now before time runs out o and make sure u catch it at 12:71 pm gracias
  • its me garvasio enfarno look i know the cheat i whont tell u i know u whant to know but u cant becouse i know but u know that i know but im not telling u grasias
  • first realease all of yor strongest pokemon then fite your mom she will die telling you her last wish is to go to the store and buy another pokemon emerald mix data , then a jirachi will be in your pokedex look up its location and it will be there
  • u have to go to ur house and speek to ur mum and she gives u a hand0job then jiravhi comes frm ur bedroom after having a goodwank over ur computer...
  • i can trade yall it but i got to get a GTS name and dat long code but have to clone them then trade them over to my do i gea da name and code thing?????
  • it's very simple all you need to do is get the following program Advanced Map get it from: whack a hack there is another way to get it Once you have been to the mart in Viridian and gotten the custom douchebag go and use it on mew2 and it transforms into jirachi

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