• Mirena is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy and is one of the most efficacious forms of birth control Mirena works for as long as you want, for up to 5 years However, the chances of getting pregnant with an IUD are very low. On the packaging it says that the IUD is 99% effective, so it is possible, but not likely. If you do get pregnant while the IUD is in, the chances are high that will end in a miscarriage. (There is the chance that it will be a successful pregnancy though.) See your doctor as soon as possible. Here is some input and advice from others: Yes, it is possible to get pregnant with an IUD. I had seven years and a half with the IUD and now on July 2009 I found out that I am six weeks pregnant. I'm not ready for another baby since I already have twins, but I do plan on keeping it. So far I haven't had any sign of miscarriage. It seems that more women are getting pregnant with the IUD. I have had my IUD for a year and a half. Went to the ER due to bleeding and excruciating cramping and had a positive pregnancy test. They removed the IUD and the cramping and bleeding lessened, but are still present. I am waiting on lab results to determine if I already miscarried or have a continuing pregnancy. I was using the IUD and felt sick after a while, did a pregnancy test and I sure was pregnant. I went to the doctor who confirmed that I was 5 weeks pregnant and had to remove the IUD immediately. They did warned me that I might have a miscarriage and that my baby might have had serious illnesses. But I had a healthy full term baby boy who is now 7yrs old with no sickness or problems. Yes, you can. And the baby can be normal and healthy. I had the SCIO biofeedback device show my baby was there at 4 weeks. We had the IUD removed and Jessalyn is a wonderful healthy child. It is possible. Sometimes the IUD gets dislodged or expelled. Yes, nothing is 100% effective. My husband's mother had an IUD in when she got pregnant with him. It wasn't a failed IUD or placed wrong. It was in perfect position, he just got past and implanted. He's now 27 and has always been healthy. It's probably a little harder now with all the new advances, but it's still possible. Yes, even to this day you can get pregnant with an IUD. I know because my niece will be 6 months old in 2 days. The only safe sex is abstinence. Yes, you can get pregnant while on an IUD. I just found out today that I am pregnant and my IUD will be taken out tomorrow. I have had the Mirena since the middle to end of December and I am now six weeks pregnant. Nothing is 100%. But I would recommend the IUD to someone who has not had other failures with birth control. Yes, I have had the MIRENA IUD for over two years, and just found out I'm six weeks pregnant. I did get pregnant despite IUD once. The doctor told me back then there was an increased risk of the IUD interfering with the pregnancy. He removed the IUD and I lost the pregnancy with it. It will probably require careful ultrasound checks throughout your pregnancy to avoid problems. By the way, after the removal of the IUD, doctors refused to place a new one because they said, statistically women who had an IUD pregnancy are more likely to have another one. I had an ectopic pregnancy later, then lived in abstinence for a long time and 14 years later, at age 41, I was surprised with a perfectly healthy pregnancy. You never know. I am a critical care nurse who was not comfortable getting my tubes tied at 28 years old. I decided that the 10 year Paraguard would be perfect until I was ready. After spotting for 6 weeks, I went to my ob-gyn to discover that I was 9 weeks pregnant. The IUD has slipped up into my uterus at this point and cannot be safely removed. The IUD will come out with the baby is what I was told. I faithfully checked my strings, and had just had a pap smear the month before becoming pregnant. After this child, I will be having the tubes tied. Yes, I too am now 6 weeks pregnant with my IUD (Paragard) still in place. So far, the baby is fine. My doctor tried to remove the IUD after I found out, but it was so high up in the uterus that it would have caused a miscarriage if she continued. We are going to leave it there until the baby is born. She thinks the IUD will become embedded in the placenta. I just found out I am 4 weeks pregnant and I have mirena. I just got my pap in sept. and they couldn't find the string but then I had an X-Ray and they saw it. I recently found out I was pregnant with a copper T IUD in place. I had had it inserted 10 months prior after my second child. The ob/gyn removed the IUD at 5 weeks and the pregnancy is progressing normally. Apparently it was inserted incorrectly so the "T" was vertical rather than horizontal, which may account for its failure. Yes, if the IUD is not sufficiently aggravating the lining of the uterus, an embryo can attach. Most of these situations lead to removal of the IUD and loss of the embryo. Yes, I recently found out I was pregnant with the copper T IUD after three years. I had a normal period about a month ago I began having unusual spotting which was common with my IUD approximately 5 days ago on the 6th day I had severe blood loss and cramping many of my periods were very heavy after I had the IUD put in place but i kept thinking that a heavy period is a small price for not becoming pregnant so I kept it in regardless. I had a history of being very fertile i had been pregnant on many different forms of birth control, different kinds of the pill, the morning after pill, condom use, everything failed. Doctors questioned me at a young age wondering if i missed pills or didn't take them properly or was careless. It was never the case. After a bunch of pregnancies including 2 miscarriages one ectopic pregnancy and 5 abortions and 2 children. I wanted to have my tubes tied and since I was under 30 they didn't want to do it. My doctor knew my history and knew I was pretty much forced into motherhood and felt robbed of having a supportive partner and fairy tale relationship. I never wanted any children to be honest. I did what I could to avoid it from happening. So after my last abortion the doctor put in the IUD. Told me it was 99.99% effective for 5 years. So here I am 3 years later at the hospital. he on call doctor had no idea what to think of the severe bleeding and took a look and seen the IUD was in the right place still. The ob/gyn came after 9 hours at the hospital and asked if I've had a urine test. It came back positive. He said the IUD will have to come out and that the pregnancy would terminate itself and I was to be sent home to have a miscarriage. 6 days later (today) I went to the doctor and had a pregnancy test it was positive still. I haven't had any bleeding since the IUD was taken out. I was told the last time I had an abortion that they wouldn't do anymore it would be too dangerous to my health. so here I sit pregnant again when I did what I could to prevent it. I too have gotten pregnant with the IUD. Twice. You would think that I learned the first time but really what else is there. I already have four children and all of them were on some form of birth control. We (my husband and I) thought that this would actually work since we dont believe in abortions I had to find something that worked. Let me tell you, I think it was one of the worst experiences of my life. With both of them, similar to others, I had to have my IUD removed immediately. I was sent home knowing that I wasnt going to carry the pregnancy out and if I did that it would cause complications with the child. I did not carry either one of them longer than 24 hours. It was painful and scarred me emotionally for life. Strangely enough I am back on the IUD but my boyfriend (husband exists no more) is fixed and we are confident with the double protection that we will be adequate. I would reccomend double protection and of course abstinance is always the safest route, espcially if you are not prepared to deal with that outcome that could possible come...
  • The Mirena is not just any old IUD. It differs greatly from standard coils. It is more successful in preventing pregnancy than female sterilisation! I have one and it rocks. Ectopic pregnancy (outside the womb) is a tiny possibility (under 0.5%), but the way you can make sure your Mirena works to the max. is to ensure that a specialist inserts it, (not just a GP but a gynaecologist who Mirena insertion experience). Insertion hurts but it is soooo worth it if you do not want to get pregnant. It may be that one of the new implant methods is as efficient (an implant in your arm), but I am not sure of the research on that. Once you have a Mirena inserted you will probably experience spotting (tiny, weeny, teeny period), constantly for ages. Inconvenient but sooo worth it and it goes after a yearish. You may have no periods after that for years. That's the Mirena, not pregnancy. Abdominal pain should always be checked by a doctor and, even though pregnancy is incredibly unlikely they'll do a prgnancy test on you if you have mystery pain. The Mirena is brilliant in my view and I've had one for about 12 years.

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