• I have! It sucks. ):
  • yes. i had a partner who i was always with.we both had a problem.i have to stay away hurts but it has to be because i want no part of the problem.
  • yes - and now he's happier than ever. I'm so glad I left.
  • good for you
  • Yes, for reasons that are my own. I don't know how he's doing now, but he was always a "Come out on top" kind of guy, so I'm sure he's doing well. I have to stop myself from thinking about dropping him an email every now and then. He was the rock I crashed into time and again, I knew I would break him one day. I couldn't let that happen.
  • Yes..not fun. :(
  • Nope. Love never fails, so no matter what the situation if i truly loved them i wouldnt leave them unless "I" was hurting them in some shape or form.
  • Yes my ex husband. I loved him deeply, he was my childhood sweetheart,(we had an on and off again relationship for 21 years) but he was too co-dependent and NEEDED me. By staying with him, he could never be the man I wanted him to be, I had to let him go so he could grow and understand himself and life a bit better. It was too hard being in a relationship with someone I had to hold up and could not do it himself. Today he is doing great! Has a great job and has managed to grow up A LOT. He is a far better person for it, and I am happy for him. It was and still is hard at times because he is now the man I always wanted him to be and knew he could be. I care for him a lot, but I have moved on and so has he. I am happy very happy with the man of my life now, and he is happy with his new love too! We still talk though, friendship is hard to ignore.
  • yes.very hard on me and i still don't talk about it.
  • Yes. He cheated, I walked. Hardest thing I have ever done because I loved him very much.
  • Yes, years ago, the love of my life and I had serious traumas occur within both of our families. We Had to break up, although we did not know it at the time. I still have my engagement ring. Within 6 months, he was out of contact and then I was. Remember no internet back then. There were several deaths, overseas stationed and friends had moved and could not be reached. We have recently found each other, but our lives are very tangled up to make this a wonderful love story after so many years. I am still hoping it can be, but I have to get healthy first. He has to take care of his current living conditions. It is so complicated. I pray often. +5
  • me and twice
  • yeah i have hurt so much
  • Yep! Hurt like hell but I kept on truck'n 'cause I've LEARNED to "trust my instincts"! Big time!

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