• did you tell me so? . during the 7 years in which gwb was at the helm, we DIDN'T STOP terrorism, we ground to a complete halt in our efforts to chase bin laden, and the farmers, protected by us troops, have increased opium production 10,000%. . at least he didn't spin the globe and attack iraq like the last fearless commander in chief and justified the war with falsified allegations. . did you tell me so?
  • The Taliban have doubled the US casualty rate. Obama has sent more troops. He has not interfered in the chain of command. Your comment is sheer dishonorable political partisanship. Obama is trying to salvage the situation after the previous administration neglected the true terrorist threat for almost 8 years.
  • Obama is a horrible leader. History WILL NOT be kind to him.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Screw yourself. I object to untrue statements being made in the hopes of tricking a few people who dont know better. You dont speak fact. You speak propaganda. You are an objectionably human being.
  • What you didn't tell us was a better plan.
  • Well gosh, had Shrub properly prosecuted the war in Afghanistan and committed the necessary resources to it we might not have the mess on our hands we do now. Instead off he went to Iraq based on faulty or manufactured evidence and well...we all know how that's turned out.
  • Obama didn't double it. Pakistan's new push to eliminate the insurgents in their country is pushing them into Afghanistan. More insurgents with no home base. They are being bounced back and forth and eliminated.
  • What about 2007 and 2008? He didn't become C in C until 2009.
  • Are you doing the I told you so dance? I also hear it's getting very windy in D.C.
  • How in the world did Obama make people kill the soldiers? Usless he's ordering Americans to kill Americans he didn't double the casualty rate. Obama had no hand in the military being there. He is left with a mess he didn't make. Be a little more informed and less hateful and perhaps you'd realize the only people to blame for the death of a soldiers are the people who started the war in the first place, and the people actually pulling the trigger.
  • Im trying to interpret a question here, but all Im getting is someone gloating over something that seems irrelevant (misinterpreted hindsight).
  • He promised us change we could believe in. And, yes, we all believed this could happen once The Great One took over, despite His Rolay Proclomation for world peace. Now that so many has out of their system the first President with 'African-American' roots (psssst, He's the second, but don't tell anybody) maybe now He could just leave and let a real leader, not some self-proclaimed ruler of the Universe, do a real just. In summation.... OBAMA SUCKS!!!!!
  • Look, Larry, the election wasn't a rout. Although not a majority, there were plenty of us who knew what the score was. The "I told you so" thing's not such a great thing. We already knew...but a lot of us knew, OK? +5...'cause I knew the lady DRfinger popped you her venom. Ya need only look at the profile +, 70%. It doesn't get much "better" than that! Anyway, it goes with the liberal, leftie territory. They can't help themselves. :-)
  • Larry, My son had spent 14 months in Iraq and lost 3 of his good friends, he is now in Afghanistan. It was his base they attack when 2 days ago when we lost 8 solders.They fought for over 6 hours straight, they lost any comfort of home when everything burned down. He lost at least 2 boys under his command. I find you glee disgusting and vile.
  • Listen Dude, do you have a better plan instead of glotting on the outragous statement you just made please tell all of AB and the world what your creative powers are as to dealing with warfare. Until then at the very least understand we are in Afghan because we have a beef to settle to the tune of about 6000 or so people that were murdered on 9/11 in this country I so happen to love and honor. Perhaps you need to contact the former president and remind his sorry ass that sending troops to Iraq was the wrong place on the map to, not only send troops but settle a dispute between the Iraqie leaders and his father....So what have you told us that amounted to anything important?
  • How can anybody blame a President or any other politician for the increased death rate of soldiers in Afghanistan.If you have ever served in the forces you would know that when you get into close quarter fighting with an enemy casualties do start to rise.The allies are acheiving more than the Russians did and in the end they will win.And dont forget when it happens who told you so!!!
  • We do not need to hear about the problems. we need solutions. Bush is responsible for Afghanistan being as difficult as it currently is today. Iran is giving the Taliban weapons. The problems are overwhelmingly difficult. I am sitting here watching the news and I have about a million questions. Americans and all Democracies should be united in fighting terrorist.
  • I've been trying not to type F bombs at you, but you're such a tool! What is your IQ anyway? 65? That's a good IQ for a republican TOOL. Somewhere right inbetween moderately and severely retarded. You know..helmet optional, but recommended. THAT level retard. A born republican TOOL. lmao at you!

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