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  • nope its only cheating if you do something wrong. you will break her trust though but it is not hceating
  • No, you both have to eat something. Just don't go everyday.
  • Not if she's ugly.
  • he can mention it even if she gets those untrue assumptions. Rememeber: Love always trusts. If his wife cannot trust him she cannot love him.
  • Its not cheating if you have no interest in this woman at all and even safer if she has no interest in you. The problem is you are in a way decieving your wife by not telling her. If your not doing anything wrong you should have nothing to hide. Sure it may still bother your wife but just explain that you wanted to be honest with this cause you would hope she would do the same. Also what is your relationship with this other woman? A co woeker or long time friend? Cause if its just a "friend" you met recently then that could be suspicios for her. Just picture if the situation were reversed and she were having lunch with another guy. How would you want it to be handled and what would you want to know?
  • If it is something that his wife would react to badly if he did it, so he does it anyway in secret, then yes, that is violating a confidence. The only real choices are, do not do it, or tell the wife. If he tells wife and she objects, he must choose: do it anyway and take some shit, or avoid the shit and forget about it.
  • yeah, its cheating because you should be able to tell your wife anything along those lines, and if it was a friendly innocent little lunch, then it was, and you shouldnt be thinking of hiding it. basically anything you wouldnt want your wife doing with another man is cheating and also counts for you, so, would it be cheating if your wife went to lunch with another man and didnt tell you?
  • I see it like this: there is nothing wrong on the lunch with the woman. The thing gets wrong if there comes confidence between you and the woman. But if it just as friends or co-workers as long as it stays like that it is nothing wrong. But in the long run is it worth hurting your wife (the one you love)if she finds out?
  • it's not cheating, but keeping it from her is deceitful and if she finds out about it she will then assume you HAD cheated as you'd tried to cover it up!! save yourself some grief and just don't bother going, that or tell your wife.
  • A similar thing happened to my husband and me. I didn't like it. He wouldn't stop it. This went on for months. They were too close for my comfort. I told him to stop or else. We decided counceling would help, before he proved me wrong! Dr said. "If the wife isn't comfortable with it, then don't do it. He isn't mentioning it cause he "know" what will happen. Who knows if he talks about this other woman, or is "starry eyed",etc It may be an affair of the heart, which is worse than an sexual one.
  • It is deceitful. If he is having lunch with a woman he works with or is good friends with, then he should not mind telling his wife. If his wife is not ok with it, then he should respect her wishes. Marriage is respecting each other and doing anything to make the other happy.
  • No, it is not cheating. He doesnt have to be deceitful, he chooses to be, to put a lunch with a random woman above his wifes feelings is pretty shallow.
  • It is not cheating if all they are having is lunch. 1) People at work have lunch together all the time. 2) Males can have female friends, and vice versa, without any thought of sex. 3) Obviously, if this is from a woman, she is insecure in her relationship. Now, all that said, most spouses (male and female) try to accommodate their spouse's wishes. If the other spouse has a problem with it, and the one doing it cannot convince them there's nothing going on, then it should PROBABLY stop, or at least ease up to fewer times. Then again, there are those spouses who have been cheated on in the past, and they ARE insecure to the point that their spouses CANNOT have a friend of the opposite sex. This is very much a trust issue. I have counseled a younger woman at my work. We were friends. My wife knew her. She had no problem with it, as she TRUSTED me. We didn't do lunches, except in groups, but we did talk in private in closed offices. Those "trust issues" and maybe the spouse's paranoia from past experiences need to be addressed, maybe by professional counseling, too.
  • i dont think it is considered cheating if the woman is just a good friend. it is a good idea to tell the wife though because if she finds out another way, it could be waaaaay worse. counseling is a good idea since your wife might have some trust issues.
  • Having lunch with someone is not cheating, however, this couple has way more issues than that. why is the wife so jealous and likely to jump to conclusions? Has the husband been unfaithful in the past? Why would he go to lunch knowing how his wife would feel? Why are they not working on the obvious trust issues in the relationship?
  • It is an act of infidelity. There are quite obviously some trust issues with this married couple. Instead of conniving, he should see if he can fix what is at home, and move on if he can't.
  • This is not a marriage so there is no cheating. This is a hostage situation. Since when does a man have to explain a lunch with anyone if he is an honorable trusted partner? If not, well then that answer's that too.
  • The best solution is to not get married. You can't even have lunch. Being married is like being in jail.
  • It would depend on why you are having lunch with another woman. If it is work related or she is a friend going through a tough time and needs someone to listen over lunch then this is not cheating. I would recommend that you mention it to your wife in an appropriate way though. Its all in the presentation. :) If you are going just because she asked you and you think she is hot then that would be cheating. You would have to be trusting and understanding if she came up to you andsaid the same thing though...
  • Emotionally, yes. They have the commitment to each other to be honest and truthful. When you lie for any reason your not honoring your commitment to each other. What ever happened to forsaking all others. Isn't it a part of the marriage vows anymore? How would he feel if she did the same thing to him and had "dates" with other men and she didn't tell him. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
  • Not if she has a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp.
  • ahhhhhhh I remember when this happened to me for real. A gf who just wanted to have a lunch with a co-worker. In 2 weeks she broke up with me.........It isn't cheating but it may border on inappropriate behavior for someone already in a relationship.....
  • It is not cheating because cheating involves sexual activity, or at least the thought of sexual activity, with another person. It is, however, lying and deception if he doesn't tell her. If he does tell her and she over-reacts, there are obviously communication issues between husband and wife.

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