• tell him ive come close to accidently saying it about 7/8 times already but i want to wait until he will say it to me also even though i would have to be the first one to say it b/c tht is how he do i kno if im saying it at the right time??
  • G'day Babigurl09, Thank you for your question. You should consider the way he treats you and the way he acts around you. That should show you the way he feels even if his words don't. Failing that, I would tell him that you love him and see how he reacts. Given he is not one to show emotions, you may have to give the lead. Regards
  • i know exactly how you feel! my boyfriend is the same way. he has a hard time with that kind of stuff, all i can say is just try to be as patient as possible. if you guys happen to be having a good conversation you could always casually bring it up to him. tell him that you care alot about you and ask how he feels. i know guys dont really like "the talk" haha but oh well. how long have you guys been together? he may also be scared of telling you, and so hes just not saying it. i know my bf didnt tell me until i almost died.
  • Ever heard of exhibition? Try a little here and there and see how works!

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