• No it's on 24/7 and i'm 44 :)
  • Laptop Always on, age, 4 years and mine is 57!
  • Desktop with a 24" moniter, it's turned of almost everyday at night for a few hours.
  • A mini-laptop that is never off unless I transport it back and fourth from college to my apartment. I don't know if you meant the age of the computer or my age so; the computer is a little over 2 months old, and I'm 18. Hope this helps. :)
  • I have a desktop PC. I turn it off every night before I go to bed. I usually leave my monitor on, however, as it's not great on them to be turned on and off frequently, even though it's bad on the electric bill. My computer is only a few months old, and my monitor is around 4 or 5 years.
  • I have a laptop that I usually turn off when I'm done. Sometimes I put it on sleep... I've had it since 2008.
  • Yes. One is a 6-year-old desktop with a cooling system that can be heard 20 feet away. The other is a netbook with a 3-cell battery that often travels. I occasionally hibernate it, but often just go for the full shut-down.
  • I have a Gateway desktop, a few years old (maybe 3 years). I turn it off everynight and when I'm not using it. I even unplug the master outlet thingy, lol, my electricity bill was only $20 and I like it that way.
  • I have a desktop, and it's ALWAYS on. Seriously, I never turn it off. Sometimes it gets to be reset, and in the past six months I turned it off once to clean the inside of it. Should probably clean it more often, but I was told that constant rebooting and on/off turning of a desktop is not a good idea.
  • yep, at night, when I'm not home, and while driving. It's a laptop, I'm 25 (the laptop is a month old, I'm not sure who's age you were asking for)
  • Im 22, have 3 or 4 computers in my room, and they havent been turned off except to reboot or upgrade probably since 2007
  • Yep... I close the browser, and turn off the computer. I used to leave it on 24/7, but my son suggested that's why it destroyed the motherboard. (Too damn tired, I guess!) And, it saves a little money in electricity. ;-) (54yo)
  • with my laptop i do
  • 6-24-2017 Go to to read several articles about putting your computer to sleep. It is really nice to have it come on instantly, instead of having to boot every time.
  • every night I turn it off it is a Desktop iMac

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