• I would have to say not sure, I've never had a Mac, I have a Vaio that I love.
  • I would agree. I've used both, and Macs alway out-perform other computers. Without question.
  • Apple Macintosh computers are quite good - particularly when running Linux. They are well built and look nice too. But are they the best? Well... perhaps, but I still like making my own and hand-picking the components!
  • Oh, by far. Damn the Jobs guy for making the business part so bad.
  • I like mine. The customer Phone support is AWESOME too.
  • They are, I will admit, better about most things. However, I still stubbornly stick to my PCs.
  • I have used all the major computer designs throughout the years starting with a Sinclair ZX and up to current Intel based PCs and Macs. In my opinion the Mac is the best computer out there for most applications, but particularly for photo manipulation and non-linear video editing. For graphics intensive gaming, a high end PC is best. For a server system, nothing beats a Sun running Unix (or for only slightly lesser stability, a PC with Linux) Hope this helps.
  • i disagree, why? Because we own the best computer.
  • yes I agree I brought my first mac about a year ago and have really enjoyed using it.its very straight forward to use and I can do everything I need to no fuss,its pro apps and multimedia programs are uses open source programming and mac osx snow leopard is even better to use than previous versions of osx.I will get a more powerful mac in a couple of years time.the apple retail stores are mind blowing very nice to learn and hang out in.
  • No. Because Beta Max wasn't the best either. And only people who've made a choice they suspect they should regret would go looking for folks to tell them it was a good choice after all. If Macs were better, they'd have risen to the top, and be the industry standard. They did not. I'm not going to buy a second or third rate anything.

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