• You need to take your dog to the vet YESTERDAY! My wife is a Vet's assistant. Your dog may have a blockage in the intestines and if so, could die! Go now!
  • There is also a good chance your pup may have developed a fondness for Coprophagia...also known as POOP EATING. How's that house training coming along? Did you have a few was the house training handled? If there was a fair amount of anger or yelling or chastisement...she may have accidentally learned to eat her avoid a scary (to her) situation! By all call your vet..ALWAYS better safe than sorry!! Also be aware...MANY, MANY PUPPIES DO go through a stage of eating their poop...less than positive house training can CONTRIBUTE to this problem, but even puppies trained 100% +R (positive reinforcement) CAN go though a stage of mouthing or eating feces! Here are some links to check out...but also give your Vet a call, reduce your worry!
  • i would take her to the vet

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