• I try to go off by myself until I cool down.
  • I become Icy calm and can be very cool and cutting. It is a reaction to the fact I used to have red mists and fly off the handle. I then just walk away after stating my point.
  • Usually I'll walk away to cool down. I don't come out swing unless I can't get away.
  • I try to take control of myself with breathing excercise, and think before act or talk. It usually works for me. But, sometimes I can feel my blood turning green with anger, so I walk away before I turn into someone I won't like later. :)
  • This pretty much sums it up. Except for the color. I'm pretty much khaki colored. (The Navy people will understand...) . .
  • I yell and swear! I only get angry at those political spinmeisters who continue to insult our intelligence by telling lies and expecting us to believe them. Boy do I ever let loose at the TV when that happens. Jim laughs at me..he finds it very amusing and says "you tell 'em honey". So I vent, no blood is drawn, no one gets hurt and then it's over. I don't get angry in real life though. I can't remember the last time I was angry at anyone! :)
  • I was shouting at first but now Iam trying to control my self by counting from one to ten to calm but when I don't want to hurt people's feeling infront of me so I don't talk to them and walk away (may be a day or two)!but Iam really short temper person!!
  • I usually think things through before I explode. I have a large enough vocabulary to cut viscous people down to size when I go off. I state the facts and they are in shock that someone they perceived as kind can be so blunt. I have a long fuse but when I explode get out of my way. I am kind but not weak or stupid.
  • Yelling works most of the time.
  • It has taken me a long time to learn to control my temper. My reaction depends on how angry I am...I usually use sarcasm but the angrier I am, the quieter I get.
  • I calmly walk away and plot my revenge. +4
  • Up to three years ago I would have blasted a person with no mercy shown. Then three years ago, I realized during a personal situation, that it just was not worth my words nor my attitude. Now I usually deal with my anger by staying to myself, working it out mentally alone. I am quick witted and hence I must remember that words sting, and can not be taken back once uttered. So I stay silent and by myself then more on.
  • I get quiet and walk away, until I cool off.
  • Startled

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