• I agree 100%, that is what I do, I tell my friends to leave a message, and I will get back to them asap.
  • I am absolutely the same, I dont like the intrusion and the possibility of being put on the spot to do something +5
  • It does not bother me to answer the phone. Basically, the phone rings, I answer it. It may be an emergency or something. I can see why you feel as you do, though. +5
  • It's just as well your callers haven't got the same approach as you, or else you would only be able to communicate by leaving messages for each other.
  • I often feel the same way. I live by a schedule and I set aside time for everything. Everyone who knows me knows they must call between certain times. Why can't they do it? I do not feel that asking people to respect your privacy and not disrupt your life is too much. I make time for friends and Family ; but it can not always be at their convince.
  • I hate talking on the phone, too. It is like I have a "mental block" or something. I do, of course, but it is like talking to a wall. And nobody expresses themselves well enough on the phone to really understand what they mean. And talking to people in business offices is really the pits. They don't even want to know you and are giving some standard line for every query you ask....
  • I have a really great answer but I'm kinda busy right now. I'll have to get back to you later.
  • I hate answering calls too. I always find myself annoyed that the only reason someone called was because they wanted something. Whether it's bill collectors, my brother the sponge, a friend that wants a babysitter, etc. Noone calls just to chat or say hi anymore. They call for favors or money.
  • that is why I have caller ID!
  • I hate an answering machine. I rather ask the person if it is convenient to talk now, else I'll phone later. To wait for someone to call me back and I expect him or her to call me back soon, blocks me from making other calls so that I cannot go on with my business.
  • i don't mind answering the phone, i like to talk. just don't like the numerous sales calls or donation calls that come in.
  • I think that if you feel that way; you would have a better and more enjoyable conversation at your leisure. If I'm busy; cooking, cleaning or otherwise engaged; I let the answering machine pick up and call them back when I'm finished. I figure that's one of it's purposes. After all, part of my message says "sorry, we are unavailable to take your call at this time; but we'll get back to you as soon as possible". It doesn't say I'm not home! BTW, you should never say you're not home; to me that's like saying "hello Mr. Thief, come and rob my house"!
  • You sound like me. I turn the ringer off so that people either leave a message or call my cell.
  • I am the same... but I feel like I am expecting too much. I just really hate speaking on the phone, I would rather somebody text and then I can decide whether it is something I want to engage in a call about, or whether I would prefer to text about. I'm a little anti-social in that way.
  • just let the machine take it and answer them later
  • all my calls go to voice mail
  • I had that dilemma just a week or so ago. I was down sick for about three weeks over the Christmas/New Year holidays and a close friend would call me to see how I was doing. I mean he called EVERY. STINKING. DAY. Until then I never thought about which I hated worse - texting or talking on the phone. Now I know - I hate talking on the phone.
  • each his own. But I agree to this extent: the phone - MY phone - is for MY use, for MY convenience. I do not own a phone for the convenience of others (and, indeed, for many years I did not have a phone and did not desire one). One CAN acquire obligations relative to owning a phone and answering it promptly, and I DO have a few such obligations (work-related), and so I AM prompt to answer my personal phone during what we might call "normal waking hours".
  • i wouldn't bother to call you.
  • Depends on who is calling and if I want to talk to them now or at a more convenient time. And I never talk to Scam Likely.
  • pointless having a mobile/cell phone then.......but turn ya phone off then, and that way you may get messages ..i find it real annoying when the person dont answer or ring back pretty fast
  • Snap. that's why I often leave my phone behind.
  • That's ok unless it is an emergency.

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