• It is English. Does he speak German? No idea, but I doubt it.
  • Prince Philip was born, and lived until he was 1 year old, on the Greek island of Corfu. He spent his early years in Paris, although he has lived, and was educated, in Britain from the age of 7. He spent less than a year in a school in Germany that was owned by a family member who was Jewish and fled the Nazis. So it seems likely that his first language was either Greek or French.
  • Prince Philip is fluent in English, German and French. He went to school in Germany, his family is 100 % German and all his sisters married Germans. His first language is either German or English, hard to tell. Maybe he is equally fluent in both languages. He doesn't speak Greek at all, he took Greek lessons when he visited Greece with the Queen later in his life. Greek is not the language of his family (which is rather German/Danish (father) and German/English (mother)), and they were exiled from Greece when he was an infant.
  • Footinmouth
  • After he left Greece as an infant, the family lived in Paris, so he learned to speak French. He did attend school in Germany briefly, and his sisters married Germans, so he learned German as well, but he spent by far the majority of the years of his life living in the UK and speaking English. He had German relatives, descendants of his sisters, and he apparently kept with touch with them (a few were at his funeral), so he may had had the occasional chance to speak German, though it's likely they also spoke English. Most educated Europeans do.

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