• Nope, you got me, I can't see it.
  • I don't know unless it is where Booth is batting his eyes at Marshall Dillon.
  • Only thing I can figure, is that a gunshot sounded but the video didn't really go with the sound.
  • It's the drink - the shot glass It's in his left hand while drinking and when he leaves, there is a clunk as the glass hits the bar but his left hand is not near the bar!
  • The part that looks weird to me is right before the gunshot. There is a man standing with a gun and then they show the Virginian behind some hay. Someone shoots and the "Virginian falls down where he was behind the hay, but who is the guy that was pointing the gun. It wasn't Matt, because he was just coming up the ladder. That part didn't make sense to me.
  • It seems that Booth is taking a second drink when no one poured it, but I see that a lot in westerns. Mrs. Hunt was probably already dead when the Sheriff questioned how he liked her. And he said he liked her just fine. Then went to make sure? +5
  • It looks to me like the third man in the stable on Marshall Dillon's left, that fires the gun is Doc. The next scene shows Chester limping in like it was him. I hope you know the answer and are not going to leave us hanging. And I really hope you didn't just post this to keep us busy watching it over and over looking. lol! C'mon Mensan? What's the answer???
  • Could it be that there was a woman sitting there by herself at a table in the saloon? Other than that, I'm stumped.
  • Ummm, I was disturbed at the whole convo about pulling out or not pulling out.... LOL
  • When it shows the person coming up from the hay to fire, the shadows are behind him. When it cuts to the lower area, HIS shadow shows clearly, when it should be behind him on the hay.
  • When the marshall says "I'm coming up after you boy" it looks like he's already up in the hay but then shows him climbing up in the next scene.
  • Is that a Norman Rockwell painting on the wall? Either that or the Marshall fired first because of the shadow. He had no way of knowing if he was going to get shot at or not.He just assumed the shadow man was going to shoot at him.
  • Drury drank twice from the shot glass without refilling. The camera showed it was empty and on the bar just before he drank the second time.
  • Miss Kitty has no moles on her face. +5
  • The framed painting on the left side of the saloon moves. When the scene opens it is 2-3 inches from the left corner of the wall and 7-9 inches thereafter.
  • Here is the answer I was seeking: The James Arness fictional character of Matt Dillion is employed as a US (Federal) Marshal in Dodge City, Kansas. So, before posing this puzzle, I checked with a buddy of mine who works for the US Marshals Service (a division of the US Dept. of Justice) to make certain that I had the right answer to it, and he confirmed that I did. In the first scene of the clip you saw, Marshal Matt Dillon is seen at the bar, having a drink. Federal Marshals are PROHIBITED from drinking alcoholic beverages while on duty, so Marshal Dillon was violating rules of the US Marshals Service by having that drink, and if his superiors had known of that, he would have been subject to disciplinary sanctions. Law enforcement folks are held to higher standards of conduct, and that was so, even during the 1800s in Kansas. For all of you who posted an answer, thanks for participating, and remember that I did tell you that getting the answer I was seeking, would be "difficult."
  • There is a woman at 0:32. Odd in a cowboy-themed gay bar.? Note the Marshal says: "I'm coming after you, boy!"
  • The Marshall grows a mustache. There's a light bulb in the lamp. In the first scene it appears someone standing at the bar has flat shoes on.

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