• No effects, they used real light sabers and blasters.
  • Expertly and flawlessly. +5
  • Ya it's a documentary not made up :)
  • I thought it was a documentary...
  • its called special effects, in old days they used to superimpose images on film by double exposure , after 1975 they do it on this damn device called computer
  • The original? Depends on which type of effect you're talking about. The use of CGI (Computer gernerated images) was not as prevalent those days. Take for example Jar-Jar Binks, from the more recent trilogy, it was completely generated by Computer animation. Most of the alien characters in earlier films were achieved by actors wearing costumes. Also, for the exciting Death Star Battle finale, much of the effects were made using scaled models of said Death Star, and the ships, guns, etc. involved. Many of the explosions also were "real" as it took a lot of ingenuitiy and pyrothecnic experts to create them, filming those blasts in ultra slo-mo to create a more realistic effect. I could go on or you can check out this instead : )

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