• My son head butting me in the face
  • i know your question is shooting for physical pain even though my mental state is a little nuts right now, had a surgeon take a scalpel and with any numbing shots just twisted it in my ankle 1/4' deep ..that hurt so much only dogs could hear my pitch..
  • A few broke ribs. The kicker is I had to go to work anyway. +5
  • My right shoulder arthritis!
  • I knocked the side of my face right on the temple on my aluminium bedpost as I woke up last friday it felt all throbbing and bruised ouch.and before that I sprained my knee jumping out of bed a few weeks ago too.
  • When I rolled my ankle for the third time while working on the garden.
  • I banged my knee bone in the car when getting back in from dropping off those friggin books at the library....
  • Had a weird bug (I think) all week, sickness, pain in head,watery eyes, sniffles, dizziness and headaches. Just worked through it and took painkillers when I wake in a morning it takes hours to come round - I am like the living dead a Zombie! Here's for waking perky and bright tommorow please, enoughs, enough! Its time for bed now +5 and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • I dropped a book on my left foot and bruised it. It was Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary, and that is a BIG'ol book. D:
  • I stubbed my toe on the leg of my bed frame. I was trying to make my bed. +5
  • My 18 year old son is doing drugs.
  • When i heard that my youngest daughter she wished her parents, grandparents and siblings were dead. I cannot comprehend how anyone could say such a horrible thing, let alone think it and wish it.

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