• Everybody want to be right, so they fight and argue about something that has yet to be proven, or ever will be. Maybe it's a form of pride. I know it's stupidity--at least to me.
  • There is a huge amount of fossil, genetic and embryological evidence for evolution, with more being discovered every year. There is one book for creation, with no way of finding more.
  • I don't think it's affected much of anything. Some people have a hobby of arguing about things that have no practical result. If it weren't this, it would be how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
  • Your question assumes only a single "creation". There are, in fact, a great many. None of them have been proven wrong. On the other hand, there is a great deal of evidence from various sciences such as geology, physics as well as genetics and biology that support evolution. So a better way to look at things is not "Since neither has been disproved, they are equal" but "Though neither has been conclusively proved nor disproved, one set of arguments has tons of varied evidence supporting it whole the other has none." How has it effected MY nation? Not much. Only the US is caught up in this silly discussion. The rest of the developed world doesn't have a problem teaching science in science class and myth and religions in a myths and religions class. How has it effected the US? Look at a history of science scores for students in various countries over the last 40 or 50 years. The US is dropping. +5
  • Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny have never been proved wrong either, as far as I know. From a scientific point of view, there is overwhelming evidence for Evolution, so it is the best theory that we can teach at school, at least in its present form. Creation is not a scientific theory, it is just a religious myth. You can't base science on religious myths.
  • The BEST explanation I've ever been presented is in the documentary called "NOVA: Intelligent Design on Trial". It doesn't deal with frivolous arguments from people who have read a brief summary of evolution. Most people who argue against it just simply don't understand it...which is not surprising because that's exactly what religion encourages. Ever since Darwin came up with the theory of evolution we have made HUGE discoveries that support his theory. We've found transitional fossils that show us EXACTLY how the transition from water animals to land animals happened, how the transition from dinosaurs to birds occurred, how the transition from lower primates (lemurs) to humans occurred (47 million year old completely intact fossil of a lemur with fingernails instead of claws, forward facing eyes, and leg bones that show the beginnings of upright mobility). We've also made huge discoveries in molecular biology that Darwin could have NEVER imagined. Darwin theorized that if we were actually related to chimpanzees we would one day be able to map the human genome and find that humans have almost the exact same molecular makeup as chimpanzees...except for one very important mutation. SURE ENOUGH! Hundreds of years after Darwin’s death we were able to map the human genome and we found that while chimpanzees (our closest living relative) have 24 chromosomes, humans have only 23...wait there's more. Imagine a chromosome as a pill, it has two ends and a middle indention...the middle indention of a chromosome is called the centromere. According to Darwin's theorizing if the last two chromosomes of a chimpanzee had melded together to create one superior chromosome in humans (giving us one less chromosome) then wouldn't that last chromosone have two "middles" or centormoeres? The answer is YES, and this is EXACTLY what we found when we mapped the human genome. The 23rd chromosome in humans has two centromeres (middles)...proving that it used to be two separate chromosomes that combined. Please see the helpful illustration at the bottom. Also Creationism isn't a scientific's a philosophical theory. Evolution is scientific theory, tested and gravitational theory. It not only helps explain, but also PREDICTS natural phenomena. Creationism does not. And if you want to completely ignore all the evidence that has been accumulated...just look at the incentives for your answer. Religion = MONEY Science = POVERTY Churches make their money from the public and don't require money from the government because faith = money. Get someone to believe in something hard enough and the money will roll in. Scientific research doesn't make money...they have to be subsidized by the government. Scientists aren't in it for the money...religious leaders ARE. When you donate to your local church around 80% of that money goes to upgrading the infrastructure and lining the pockets of the preachers. The other 20% goes to actually helping out the community and the poor. That's the WORST percentage of operating costs you can find...non-profits have a 20/80 scheme = 20% goes to operating costs while 80% goes to helping their cause. I'll start seriously looking into creationism when they get a 1% or more backing by the scientific community...which will never happen. An overwhelming majority of scientists support evolution as the most plausble scientific theory of how humans came to be. Research the facts and start appreciating the complexity of the world around you..or close your eyes to that complexity and say that it's just too confusing to try to figure out, so why even try. If you are truly secure in your beliefs, then why be afraid of a deep reaching explanation of how the world really works?
  • nice a Catholic and a former scientist, i am kind of torn......we have a tail-bone.....hmmmm....why is that there?????? we have our appendix, which is a vestigial appendage, which serves no purpose.......Patrick Ewing (the basketball player) seems to still be a Cro-Magnon Man.....hahhaha.......we will never know, me thinks........take care and all....B
  • You're kidding right? Some invisible, fat guy coming down from the guy, wipping the world with a magic wand from a heap of dirt in 6 days has not be proven wrong yet? Okay! Tell me, dear, what planet are you exactly from?
  • Well, the whole earth-is-6000-years-old thing has been proven wrong. The whole Adam and Eve thing has been proven wrong. Noah's ark has been proven wrong. What else is there?
  • Someone please explain to me how an explosion, a force known throughout the ENTIRETY OF HUMAN HISTORY to cause death and destruction, could somehow have created the universe we now live in.

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