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  • Change his taste, more pinneapple and mango for him, less meat. Have a breath mint when you do it, or I think if he got you really turned on you wouldnt care what you were doing or swallowing.
  • yeah i heard about that have the guy eat pineapple thing. also any citrus fruit. asparagus and protein is supposed to make it bitter. maybe you can experiment with sucking him off with some chocolate syrup in your mouth.. hmmmm! i might try that one day. you can also try having him spurt toward the back of your throat, over your tongue, so you don't taste so much. I do this sometimes, if i know hes going to be super bitter. if it really bothers you.. you dont *have* to do it. girls are *not* hardwired to like the taste of cum, and its more normal for you to not like it, really.
  • What I don't understand is why girls choose to spit when that takes so much time and you actually taste it then since you're concentrating on getting it all together in your mouth so you can spit it. I just swallow as he shoots so I DON'T taste it that much. I've swallowed only seven guys' cum b4, but far more than 7 times. Of those 7 guys I only actually LIKED one guy's cum. The last time I hated the taste (like HATED it more than all the rest), but I still swallowed b/c I know how much it turns them on and I like to make him happy. They say they like the taste of our stuff, and they'll preach it until they're dead haha. But it's pretty rare if you find a guy who really does enjoy the taste of us. It's more about seeing how we react to them pleasuring us. So it's the same for when we perform on them right? Well, it should be. I know I'm one of the rare girls that really DO like giving head and love all parts of it, not just the way he quivers uncontrollably. I actually like the taste of cock. If you can train yourself to learn to like it, well hun...I wouldn't be surprised if he popped the ? right then and there lol.. Yes fruity foods help like pineapple and peaches, but it's more about training your mind to enjoy it. You can go into it thinking you hate it but you'll do it, and then when you do it you'll hate it of course. But if you walk in thinking "I'm going to be brave and I'm going to do this for him b/c I love him" or just "I'm going to do this b/c I want to like it." Then when the time comes, just keep thinking that. Eventually it'll get easier. To avoid it you just avoid it. Plain and simple. If you want to get over it, you have to pretend to like it first. Open yourself up to the possibility that if you do get over it you'll like it. I hope all that makes sense since I'm tired, but that's my advice (a swallower who also didn't like it at first...just something I pushed myself to do b/c I knew it would make him happy...but now I do crave it sometimes...and surprise myself because of it lol:). Good luck!
  • Hm, I thought I already answered this question.. Anyway, I never swallow, I don't even like it in my mouth. It makes me sick
  • Yeah, you can get over it by NOT doing it. Why do something that makes you nauseated? There's nothing sexy or loving about that.

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