• This is a pretty standard answer, but the Fox Broadcasting Company. Their presence curtails freedom of speech, and does a lot of other horrible stuff on the side.
  • British Gas, its stopped now, but at one point every time I walked through Hastings town centre I would get at least half a dozen British Gas people hassling me to sign up to their services. The other day we got one knocking on our front door hassling us and when I refused to change to their service I told him that I would rather pay more and not support such an annoying company, personally I think the prices go up and down with all of them anyway, the cheap ones this month, are normally the expensive ones next month.
  • Wal*Mart. They treat their employees like... well you know
  • I’ll go along with British Gas. I couldn‘t get gas and didn‘t know why so I called them. They sent someone out who checked things over and then proceeded to tear up my hall floorboards looking for the ‘fault‘! Nothing. Everyone very baffled until they decided to check the meter outside. The ‘fault’ was found! My young neighbour had a card meter fitted and had run out of gas and was out charging up her gas card no doubt. Cut a long story short… They had replaced my meter instead of hers! They had to swap them around. British Gas sent me a check for… wait for it… £10 as compensation for tearing up my hall carpet and floorboards. And yes, I am still with them. Give them their due I have been with them a long time and that was the only time I’d ever had a problem. But it was touch and go for a while I can tell you. lol
  • Halifax - there adverts are friggin annoying and no offense but that black man on most of them needs to go! - i havn't been with them cause i don't like there system and adverts etc - hate them
  • BT, British Gas, the water companies, all the banks -because they are supposed to provide a service but in the main are just out for what they can get, and screw the customer
  • WalMart. They treat their employees poorly, they invade neighborhoods who make it clear they're unwelcome, the snatch up what natural land remains, and they attract the lowest common denominator of society.
  • Apple I have an iPod and I have a Mac with MacOS X. I also have a PC and I have Windows. Both are fantastic, but I think Apple needs to quit it with their negative advertising and try to succeed the real way: quality products, good service, and good business practice. In addition, they really need to decrease the pricing on some of their merchandise. It's really too bad they have such a monopoly on many of their products. The absence of third party stuff really skews the pricing. Apple has the potential to be a great company and I'm all for that, but right now, they're on my crap list.
  • I have a Trifecta. Wal-Mart, Lowe's, and Home Despot. I mean... Depot. The only good thing about them is that they drive prices low for the consumer. In the process, they rape, pillage and plunder all of the Mom and Pop grocery/lumber stores and drive them out of business. They also demand unreasonable prices from manufacturers and will not pay for goods for 180 days. If you own a "doomaflitchit" shop, and sell your goods to WalMart for resale, it will end up costing you, unless you are very large. It cost you $25 in labor and materials to make each doomaflitchit, and WalMart buys them for $26. You pay up front for the labor and materials, but WalMart doesn't want to pay you for 180 days. So, you've made 400 doomaflitchits at a cost to you of about 10K. You have to wait 6 months to be paid 10,400. $400 profit, incidentally, is the same value as 4% interest if your original $10000 sat in the bank. Now... You had to borrow the 10K to build the 400 doomaflitchits, at in interest rate of 8%. Long story short, by the time the 6 months are over, you are $400 in the hole. So... You have to trim down the factory. You lay off 25 of your seasoned, long term employees and replace them with 20 people at lower pay. Now it only costs you 20 to make a doomaflitchit, and you can record profits in the next half of the year. This is a good business decision, and you can become wealthy, but the community has now lost 25 jobs. You can scale these numbers up or down and get the same results. You will have to be a lean manufacturer to survive these guys.

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