• Nope. Assuming she is aware that her behaviour makes you uncomfortable, all you can do is ignore it--and shut the door after she is in the shower and the water is running. You might cosider having many of your friends, and their parents over, for a "get-together" scheduled for whatever time she usually takes her shower...boy, would that get her attention! Hugs!
  • Well you don't have to look.
  • Oh King, this is awful. I didn't realize things were so bad with you and your mum. WHY does she walk around naked in front of you? Have you asked her? Is she doing it because she is uninhibited or because it annoys you? Whatever, it is totally inappropriate! I can't even begin to give you any advice because I just don't know how I would handle it if it happened to me. Lazs Mouse obviously knows what he is talking about and gives good advice. Do you feel intimidated by her? You could always take a photo and threaten to post it on the internet!! Good luck.
  • Sounds like there is more to this story, but I would say 2 can play that game, start walking around necked infront of her, and if that doesnt work then start beating off infront of her, whatever it takes for her to be disgusted and go the other way.
  • You tried giving your naked mom a rob? Just let her have her nakey time and stay away from the bathroom..LOL! At times us moms have to just let it all hang out!
  • Can't you go into your own room when your mom showers ... OR to a friend's house ? For a Walk ? Maybe into the living room with TV on etc .... OR; when you know she is getting ready for a shower ; go get her robe and hand it to her or lay it over the bathroom sink so she won't miss it ... Then; YOU don't have to end up handing it to her ... +5
  • maybe ask her to shut the door?
  • Just wear this. It'll be easier.
  • tell her it makes you uncomfortable and insist that she shuts the door! that is like bordering on incest.
  • did you just end a sentence with a preposition?
  • Tell her it makes you uneasy, and ask her to close the door.
  • if i were in your shoes i would talk to my parents and say you know i love you but i don't really wish to see you naked, this makes me very uncomfortable. +5
  • Tell her how much it bothers you and how uneasy it makes you feel. If that fails, just stay away from her when she is showering. Best wishes on the matter.
  • Invite guests over whenever she showers. Bring the neighbors around, tell them to bring their cameras... She'll get the message and learn to close the damn door eventually.
  • Reading your other comments got me thinking. My guess is that either she is uninhibited and has a casual attitude towards nudity. My other guess is that it is her subtle way to tell you it's time to get a job and your own place. If you are low on funds see if you can share an apartment with a friend (of the same sex). I said same sex because you don't need more complications in your life.
  • Open a window so cool air comes into the house. Then open the bathroom door with a fan in front so the cold air is blown into the bathroom. Then leave the house so when she asks you to turn off the fan or close the window, you don't hear her. (You don't want to put the fan too close to the bathroom door so she has to actually walk a few feet to turn it off herself.)
  • Have you just come out and told her how it makes you feel? Maybe she doesn't realize how uncomfortable it makes you.
  • Well it is your home and the only thing I can say is that you probably have to sit down with her and tell her that it makes you feel uncomfortable. Explain to her that you have certain rules in the house that you would appreciate if she follows. Remember this is Mom so I don't have to tell you how you need to speak to her. My mom is 72 years old but if I spoke to her in a certain way she would probably knock me out. Unfortunately, your mom may be set in her ways. There is plenty of things that I would love for my Mom to change and at this point in her life she's not changing at all so be prepare for that. Good luck! :) +6
  • Be grateful she's still alive. While I would not want to see my mother naked, I would do anything to bring her back.
  • Take a photo and post it on the Internet
  • Invite your friends over when she is in the shower, and have them talk to her thru the open door. I bet she will want it closed after that!
  • You start walking around nude. Do everything nude.
  • Presumably it's her house, so she can do whatever she wants. You don't have to look.
  • If you know your mother is showering you can either stay away from the bathroom or walk by, grab the door knob and shut the door. You don't have to look to do that.
  • Go into the bathroom and take a dump. Make lots of weird grunting noises. If/when she says to get out. Say I figured since the door was open you wouldn't mind.

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