• These being my choices, I believe both are correct. I have no idea of the timing or duration of either. My reason is I'm just not that insightful.
  • For the time being were pulling out, but it is inevitable, that our economy will collapse as long as we keep the federal reserve running the way it is.
  • Given how some of the programs aimed to alleviate the recession is being handled-- I do not predict we will be out of it until Q4 2010 to Q1 2011. Some things are stabilizing, many are not, and all of it is fragile.
  • Prognostications into the future are notoriously unreliable. From where I'm standing= we're fine. Despite the best efforts of Republicans to the contrary. I get the distinct impression that Fox News is desperately afraid of an economic turnaround prior to November 2010.
  • well, don't expect anyting good for the rest of 2009 and not till 2010 will we see anyting good really. Reason? Obama
  • 8-6-2017 Let's get sensible, shall we? The S&P500 hit a double top in 2007. Now after a top you have to have a bottom. I hope that is obvious. I mean it's just silly to think the market can go to a top and then go to another top. But that is exactly what the market has been doing. So we say wait, this is not sensible. But the big bankers keep saying everything is under control, the stock brokers keep advising either to buy or to hold but never to sell, and your education in a government indoctrination facility does not allow you to say anything like "This is all bullshit!" But that's what it is. The Fed keeps inflating the money supply faster and faster. You do know what "inflating" means, don't you? It's like a balloon, all hot air, and it has to blow eventually. In financial circles that is called "collapse". Now you have something that is sensible. Commodities are the only investments that will reliably hold value. A bag of onions can not be inflated by a central bank. A savings account can. Go to and study the free materials until you feel like you know a few things. Then go to and study the archives until you feel like you know a few things. Then go to a precious metals broker and give him all your worthless paper money and carry home some valuable metal ingots to hide someplace, NOT in any bank's vault. Banks are more likely to steal your metals than burglars.
  • Everything I have seen so far leads but to one conclusion. The leftist demoncrats have fully embraced the commie playbook. As the great Hero of the People (Comrade Lenin) said "The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation." Both of which engenders recession, which eventually enables depression.

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