• I did it with Champix, the drug. Had tried everything and this worked. 9 months now, so seriously, it's worth a try.
  • my mum did it by eating much more. then she gradually cut down on the food and now doesn't smoke since about two or three years ago.
  • I know, I know, we'll quit when were dead, and then the jokes on us! But in the meantime it's so smokey treat!
  • The only two ways I have ever been able to quit for any length of time were by substituting strenuous physical exercise for smoking, or by taking Chantix, a psychoactive drug.
  • I'm a quitter (LOL) and I did it cold turkey. I sucked the hell outta hard-candies though. Go visit someone who smoked for decades and are living life thru machines. That did it for me. Thats when I quit.
  • I quit cold turkey.It was hard,but it can be done if you take it day by day,hour by hour minute by minute.That's the only way I can describe it.It's not easy,but it can be done.
  • ...Well. My grandfather, my grandmother... and a couple of people I know have quit. did they do it? Cold Turkey.
  • I guess I'm lucky, but when they added the flame retardant chemicals to the paper (so unattended cigarettes would go out) I found the taste so repulsive I just couldn't do it anymore. All I can offer, as far as advice goes, is persevere. One day at a time.
  • I can only advice you by our own success.... I wanted to quit and told my husband that from now on I don't touch any cigarette anymore and that I wanted him to follow me on that. He said: Yes! From that moment on we never touched one again. That was 22 years ago. I smoked one pack per day before and my husband more than that. The sure-fire method is cold turkey, the other methods are too tempting and allow sidesteps. It never works. Good Luck!
  • Just stop. Really. Don't throw away your cigarettes, don't go spend money on goofy products. Just don't light a cigarette. I smoke sometimes, sometimes I don't. I think it's a frame of mind. Rather than calling it "quitting," simply don't smoke. It will take the pressure off of fearing failure. It's just like sweets. Sometimes you eat dessert, but not always. It just doesn't have to be an all or nothing thing. Several people I've known through the years have talked about wanting to stop smoking. I told them what I just told you. All four of them today do not smoke. The cigarette companies try to get you hooked, and the drug companies brainwash you into thinking you need to spend money to not smoke.
  • First thing you do before you quit is take a shirt of yours and put it in a plastic bag and put it in the closet. Any time you get an urge to smoke do a deep breathing exercise. Take a fast deep full inhale and purse your lips and exhale S-l-o-w-l-y real slow!...repeat 10 x's. The 10 times is important for two reasons first one is you will realize how much damage you have done to your lungs by doing this, second, most urges will pass after a few minutes and this exercise takes a good 3-5 minutes to do and when done, you really shouldn't feel the urge to smoke. BTW, if you are getting dizzy you are doing it too fast. Here is the important part...after doing the breathing part go get the bag with the shirt and take a good whiff...yes, that was you! ;D
  • After smoking cigarettes for more than a decade, breaking the habit was a matter of questioning the way smokers are expected to behave. Why should smokers go along with the tobacco companies' idea that they have to consume one whole cigarette every time they feel a bit like a nicotine hit? Here's the secret: PART A - Cutting Down (1) Always carry a small pair of scissors with your packet of cigarettes. (2) Light-up whenever you feel the need. (3) Inhale deeply until you get the satisfaction you crave. (4) Enough for now? Take the scissors and cut off the lit end of the cigarette. (5) Put the partially smoked butt back in the packet. (6) Next time you need a smoke, choose the butt. (7) But, before you light it up take a look at the cut end. Just a bit stained. Not too bad? (8) Light up. Enjoy. Inhale. (9) Enough for now? Take the scissors and cut off the lit end of the cigarette. PART B - Re-lighting the butt. (1) Next time you need a hit, smoke the butt you cut. (2) But, before you light it up take a look at the cut end. Quite stained. But not too bad? (3) Light up. Enjoy. Inhale. (4) Enough for now? Take the scissors and cut off the lit end of the butt. PART C - Seeing the light. (1) Continue in this way until you either finish that butt, or decide it is too gooey and horrible to light up again. (2) Apply the same method to every cigarette you smoke from now on. You are demonstrating that it is you and not the tobacco companies who are now in control. Cutting out completely is now a matter of thinking about that gooey mess. You are what you ingest. Your choice.
  • I was young when I went cold turkey. Eat carrots and celery have them available every place. Chew gum.
  • yes. i stoped somking actually about 25days ago. i didnt go cold turkey, i tried that before and it didnt work. i slowly weened my slef off of the cigerates. i was down to a half a cigerate once a week, then i stoped completley. i still feel the erge to but i just focas my energies on other stuff. i usually drop and do 20push ups or 50 sit ups then the cravings go away +3 and good luck :)
  • First, be sure you have a great reason to quit to give you an edge. I refused to marry my husband because he was a smoker....he quit the next day! He used the patch but knew it could cause depression and terrible dreams. He went through bags of candy for the first few months! When he was getting a really bad craving and was irritable, I would suggest sex. No, I'm not kidding. It worked! It's been 12 years with no smoking for him :)
  • I've heard that sun flower seeds can work. Whenever you feel like going outside to smoke, just take a bag of sun fllower seeds with you instead.
  • My Dad used to smoke Lucky Strikes many years ago. He quit when I was about 5 or 6. Just quit smoking one day and never looked back. His advice to anyone who wished to quit smoking: "Make up your mind you don't want to smoke, and then just don't smoke anymore." He said when you quit, don't cut back, don't tell yourself "I'll quit after this pack, or when I finish this carton." Just quit. Telly Savalas quit and sucked on lollypops. You could see that in Kojak episodes! "Who loves ya, baby!"
  • Have a heart attack like my Dad did. Die from pneumonia and come back alive like my Mom did.
  • Hi, alluseek! I quit smoking many years ago, and I did it 'cold turkey.' At that time there were no gums, no patches, no counseling, no hypnotism classes, etc. etc. I took 3 weeks vacation off work, and stayed away from friends and co-workers who smoked. My Doctor told me that the physical addiction / craving would come as often as I had a cigarette, and last as long as it took to smoke it. So, if I had a cigarette every 30 minutes and it took 5 minutes to smoke it, that's how often the cravings would come and how long they would last. The Doctor said it takes only 3 days to beat the physical craving, and the rest of the battle is the psychological craving. So, I did ANYTHING not to smoke, and tried to substitute positive habits in its place. For me, it worked. I hope you will find something that will work for you! Good Luck, and I wish you the best of health! :-)
  • Recognize that you are a slave. Some slaves are afraid to try to escape, because they might be harmed by their masters. But if you are a slave to a tiny chemical, and you escape, the chemical will not chase you down and whip you or break your toes or something. How can you live with yourself, knowing you are a willing slave. Imagine the risks and hardships slaves in history took to escape. Quitting smoking is small stuff compared to that. Get it done.

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