• It will make me ask "Do you WANT your sister?".
  • you were normal +5
  • i would love it if my brother actually cared about me enough to follow me and make sure i was ok, and not doing stupid things. your sister would probably hate you if you got cought but in the end she would relize you just want her to be safe. +3 if i could give you more points i would.
  • You are a good brother:)
  • I think you are being a good brother and looking out for her best interests. Granted she probably wouldn't think that way right now, but she will certainly will realize that when she gets older. If I had a big brother that did that thats how I would feel :)
  • You should trust your sister, and have hope that she will make the right choices. She is in charge of her experiences, so if I were you I'd lower your worry load and make the most out of your life :)
  • nope , That is what us older siblings do, look out for our younger brothers and sisters. but there days that we must step back and let them make their own mistakes. If I had an older brother I would mad at first but then I will come around and say thank you after i see that he was right. just give your sis some time to get over it. It is a very evil and sick world out there and we will protect our family no mattter what. ( if that does not work give her some flowers to sorry )
  • i guess, it depends how old she is and your intentions. it sounds like you have good intentions and just looking out for her. she might feel annoyed and maybe you should be careful just how much spying you do. don't worry, it's normal.
  • If you were doing this to look out for her and trying to protect her from harm, definitely not, especially if your sister was going out to someplace risky, like a club or some area of the city where there's a lot of crime, or where there's a lot of rowdy behavior (with other boys). But if you were doing it because you just wanted to snoop on her all the time, and you never trust her, then that's not good.
  • You're not a bad brother, but I would be furious to find out my brother was spying on me :) I do things I don't want him to see!
  • Its great that you are looking out for her, but you have to be able to step back and trust her judgement. She is lucky to have a brother that cares about her like you do. What I would suggest is doing some role playing with her -- how to get out of situations where she might need to be able to get out. You aren't going to always be there to rescue her. The best gift you can give her is to teach her how to rescue herself.
  • As long as her friends don't find it creepy you should do fine. Somebody has to look out for the family why not you.
  • I find it creepy that you spy on your younger sister for any reason. Had any of my brothers decided to spy on me I probably would report them as a stalker which is what you are. It is your parents job to educate and guide your sister and watch out for her. You are not her parent. There is a difference between being there for her when she needs you and spying on her.
  • Uhh... If I had a brother who did this, I'd tell him to back off. If he didn't I'd report him to the police. If someone is spying on you, and following you, that is called stalking, and it is illegal (for good reason!!!). You need to let your sister make her own choices. If you try and interfere with her life, aside from being creepy as all hell, you run the risk of her hating you for not letting her be independent, and for not showing trust. I know your intentions are probably very noble, but really, I'd think about backing off.
  • did she ask you to intervene for her...if you are not carefull she will resent your older brother concerns!, believe me i know, stay her best freind (while watching closely)if you are honestly a freind and a brother she will ask for help when she needs it.
  • tone it down a bit. Don't spy but just keep a lazy eye out. If she is behaving you don't need to watch. I understand that you care and only have her best interests at heart, just make sure she is with friends she trusts and they will do the best of it for you. Also make sure she has your number on speed dial in case she feels she needs you. If you overstep your bounds though she won't come to you when she needs someone because you may violate the trust. Do you really want to get to that point? Careful.
  • sounds creepy to me. i wouldnt like it. it makes you a creepy brother.
  • Depends on how old/young she is. I would want to kill you. But i dont have a brother and me and my sisters are close so theres nothing to hide from them.

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