• I have a feeling that if you know the full name and surname of the person you're looking for as well as details such as the crime they were convicted of, the court they were tried in (if at all) or the police station, you can track them down that way. Try googling the name and surname first of all and see where that takes you. It really depends on the crime, the location, their age (as to what kind of jail they're in) and where they're tried - some states consider some crimes to be worthy of far more secure measures than others.
  • well i know a way but its illegal cough...cough...(hacker)...cough...cough... But its still fun and easy....
  • You need the name or inmate number of the individual. Good luck!
  • Try callin your local or state prison and iquire about this with them. Tell them youre looking for someone and ask them to direct you to those who can help. If youre related to the person you could ask a police officer to help you find their last known adress which might help. Or hire a lawyer who could try to work the courts; maybe theres a certain form you have to fill out. You could alsohire a private detictive od private eye to help you find him. Maybe hes on a public record of some type you could look into. Maybe looking through some court documents through the course system could hell. Maybe you could request a copy of the court record and see where the judge sentenced him to serve his crime. Private investigator would probably be a good way to start

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