• You have to add in the hospital bills after he gets his ass kicked. The cost of therapy, which would be mandatory even if the cause was physically explainable.
  • What you're going to admit you are a bedwetter? I don't know about these days but when I registered for the draft about the only thing they wanted to know is if you were homosexual.
  • How often do you think soldiers sleep in a barrack during wartime? Yes, they are back on base most nights in the current conflict, but that hasn't been the norm through most of history and it may not be the norm again in the future. If you wet your pants while sleeping in a foxhole and then live in a wet uniform for several days, what do you think the toll on your fighting fitness would be? And if the weather happens to be like that during the Battle of the Bulge, do you think you would survive the experience?
  • I would be more concerned about the cost of morale, not to mention replacing urine soaked mattresses on a weekly basis. Why would a person with that condition want to be in the Military anyway? At home, we can exercise a lot of control of our condition, but not in a public situation like the military.
  • You were turned down by the military werent you??? You have asked the wierdest " why the militarty this and that" questions.
  • It isn't simply the laundry. Bed wetting after the age of 12 is normally a sign of psychological problems.
  • First I am not sure that is not just a wive's tale. But assuming its true, i suspect it is for the pyschological issues with morale, as well as the physical limitations.
  • I don't know about bedwetting, but I have a friend whose kids wet the bed all their lives until they hit a certain age (don't remember what it was). It was like there was a part of them that either was not as mature as it should have been or never existed, and the body/brain had to develop to a point where it could manage the problem. But eventually they did outgrow it. As far as the military went, nobody asked me if I was a bedwetter when I joined up. What they DID ask me was shocking. I arrived late for the physical, and they had run out of supplies. So they asked me, "What color is your blood" I told them "Red." They asked me what color my urine was, and I told them "Yellow." That was my physical. They said, "You pass!" And that set the tone for my time in the military- entirely unprofessional and at times down right stupid!

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