• I had to laugh at this question. I think brunch, but then if it is oatmeal, it doesn't feel like brunch, it feels like breakfast. +5
  • If you have cereal as a snack, are you actually eating breakfast?
  • technically you are breaking your fast from the night before...but since you can eat breakfast like foods all day it is sort of up to you what you wanna call it.
  • No it shouldn't be called breakfast. It could be called brunch or lunch. :-) +5
  • That depends on which restaurant you go to! :) I think breakfast should last all day! If you want a technicality, I say that breakfast happens as your first meal of the day, whether it be at 6AM or 6PM (breaking the fast).
  • Yes, whatever breaks your fast. Many enlightened restaurants understand this so that people like me can cheat and only PRETEND to have breakfast when I'm really having an omelette and hash browns for my dinner.
  • Yes. Because you are breaking your fast.
  • Yes, having worked 3 different shifts, I have slept and eaten at all hours. Sometimes breakfast was at 3 in the afternoon, sometimes at 3 in the morning. What you call it is unimportant I think, and breakfast can be eaten at any time. Your question reminds me of an old movie "Five Easy Pieces. The man was trying to order toast in a restaurant and the waitress was very stubborn and obstinate and said toast was only served for breakfast and breakfast hours had expired. He studied the menu and then ordered a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on toast. "Hold the bacon, hold the lettuce and hold the tomato." He outsmarted the waitress. He got his toast. :-) +5
  • Yes. All those who said that breaking your fast is breakfast is quite right. Since brunch comes between BReakfast and lUNCH, you can't really eat brunch until you have breakfasted. When you are invited to a brunch, it is assumed you have breakfasted and will lunch. In the farm country of my youth we had not breakfast, lunch and dinner, but breakfast, dinner and supper. Note our funny past tense. Originally it was said that you have broken fast, but when the 2 words became a noun and then a verb, our ancestors changed the whole form. This is not an earth shaking matter, but it's nice to see people thinking about our amazing English language.
  • I love having breakfast for dinner..has french toast last night...breakfast can be eaten 24/7...after all, when you go to the store you buy Breakfast they dont turn into lunch cereals at noon..
  • Sure... You are "breaking your fast", so that's breakfast! You prompted me to ask a corollary! ;-)
  • Breakfast is the first meal you eat, not necessarily WHAT you eat ... i've eaten more than my share of cold pizza and cheeseburgers at 7:00 am and waffles and sausage at 7:00 pm
  • 1) Etymologically, it should be called so: "Breakfast is the first meal of the day. The word is a combination of "break" and "fast," referring to the conclusion of fasting since the previous day's last meal. It is widely referred to as the most important meal of the day. Breakfast usually consists of foods that are high in energy content." Source and further information: 2) On the other side, breakfast is usually associated with some typical "breakfast foods": "Typical items include hot oatmeal porridge, grits (in the South), other hot grain, porridges, eggs, bacon, ham, breakfast sausage or small link sausages, pan-fried potatoes (hash browns), biscuits, toast, pancakes, waffles, bagels, French toast, cornbread, English muffins, pastries (such as croissants, doughnuts, and muffins), and fresh or stewed fruits of various types (stone, citrus, etc.). Steak may be served with eggs on the traditional menu. Cold cereal has become nearly ubiquitous in recent decades, and yogurt is widely popular. Coffee, tea, milk and fruit juices are standard breakfast beverages." Source and further information: So, if you first meal is not composed of those typical breakfast foods, it does not seem appropriate to call it breakfast, but rather the name of the meal that it actually would be. Just imagine the situation where you are taking that meal with other people, for whom it is not the first meal of the day. For instance it could be five o'clock tea. 3) "Midnight breakfast is a generic term for a communal meal served at some American colleges and universities. Menu items that are generally considered breakfast foods are served in the school's dining hall late at night (hence "midnight") as a study break before or during final exams, or as a traditional community-building event. Midnight breakfast is usually at most a weekly event and at least an annual event, and should not be confused with school dining facilities that operate 24 hours a day on a regular basis." Source and further information:
  • Technically yes. You are breaking your nights fast.

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